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Local Director Richard Hughes’ “Imagine” Siemens Brand Film|本土导演理查德.休斯的”畅想”西门子品牌影片


Client Siemens’ brief for this project was a 2 to 3 minute brand film introducing their new smart home system in an approachable, engaging way.


With a background in KV and stills shooting, production house Ukon has developed strong relationships with Siemens and clients of similar standing. As well as production and post UKON has a strong in-house creative department which worked with the client over an extended period to develop the project. This and the early involvement of director Richard Hughes were key assets for a client whose marketing is usually more to-business than to-consumer, and so were open to guidance on how to appeal to a general audience.

拥有KV和平面拍摄背景的资深制作公司宇群与西门子及其他相当级别的客户建立了牢固的合作关系。除了制作和后期部门,宇群的内部创意部门与客户一起花了很长一段时间来开发这个项目,后来导演理查德·休斯(Richard Hughes)也很早介入并参与到创意部分。对客户来说这是至关重要的,因为客户的营销通常更多的是对企业而不是对消费者,因此他们对如何吸引普通消费者持开放态度。

Through this process the film concept agreed upon was a character-led mini-movie portraying a several years in the life of a young family, with the Siemens smart home system a background character supporting them on their life journey.


The client was clear from the start about wanting a realist, human-centric style for the film in keeping with their brand’s German origins and to make the high-tech product relatable for consumers. This fit the director and creative team’s instincts and everyone was of one mind on the desired final film: realistic, warm and people-focused, in camera work, locations, performances and so on.


Production realities meant that the film needed to be shot on one day on one location while working around a KV shoot. This presented a significant practical challenge, but one perfectly suited to director Richard Hughes’ skillset and working style. Based in China for several years and speaking fluent Chinese, he has worked in documentary and feature films as well as commercials, and as a producer and 1st AD as well as director. He is his own editor and pre-vizualizes and plans his projects thoroughly in order to cope with hectic schedules whilst allowing for inspiration to strike on the day.


The project’s creative and production challenges are why Richard wanted to work with Paul Morris as DP. In addition to being great visually Paul works in documentaries and features as well as commercials, so creates great images, works efficiently, has great narrative sense and is comfortable working with actors. Paul worked closely with his camera and lighting crews to tackle the time and space challenges of the shoot, and Richard was also lucky to have on board regular collaborators production designer Josie Cheng and stylist Vivian Hao, who are both great creatively and were up for the challenge of achieving an ambitious film in testing conditions.

该项目的创意和制作挑战正是理查德希望Paul Morris来担任摄影指导的原因。和导演理查德一样,Paul在纪录片和故事片以及商业广告中有丰富的工作经验,工作效率很高,画面优美,具有很强的叙事感,并且与演员合作很顺利。Paul与他的摄影、灯光团队合作密切,以应对拍摄过程中时间和空间的挑战。此项目的美术是跟导演理查德经常合作的美术指导Josie Cheng,造型师郝丽华,他们都很有创造力,事先做好了充分的准备,以应对这一部雄心勃勃的影片的挑战。

The end result – shot on schedule in one day – is something the whole team, from creative, crew, production and client, are very proud of – to the extent that the client has requested an English voiceover version to promote the smart home system globally.


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