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Last call for FilmLight Colour Awards submissions


FilmLight,one of the industry’s leaders in colour management technology, has launched a new global competition honouring colourists and the art of colour worldwide. With four categories, including ‘Commercial Films’, the Film Light Colour Awards gives Chinese talent an opportunity of global recognition and is one of the rare awards dedicated solely to colorists. The winners are due to be celebrated at the prestigious cinematography focused festival EnergaCAMERIMAGE in Poland November 13-20. The new programme has been met with spontaneous acclaim, as colourists, renowned cinematographers and directors, and other professionals from the industry across the globe, all supporting the initiative.


While FilmLight is sponsoring and organising the Colour Awards 2021, users of any grading technology are welcome to enter, as are colourists from the largest post facilities to home set-ups. Colourists or their sponsors still have time to enter the awards at Nominations will close on 15 September, with a shortlist announced in October and the winners revealed in November. Entry to the Colour Awards is free. The colorist cannot submit more than ONE project in the category, except for projects entering for ‘Innovative Use of Baselight’. Projects released in the period January 1, 2020- June 1, 2021 are eligible for submission.


According to CEO of FilmLight Wolfgang Lempp, FilmLight have been serving colorists for close to 20 years, and the company’s success is totally dependent upon their creative skills. The lack of recognition, and the power of the collaboration drove the creation of the new set of awards, to recognize and celebrate the best work, wherever it’s done  and whatever the technology used.

据FilmLight总经理Wolfgang Lempp,FilmLight为色彩师已经服务了近20年,公司的成功完全取决于他们的创意技能。认可的缺乏和合作的力量推动了新奖项的设立,以表彰和庆祝最好的作品为目的,无论它是在哪里完成的,无论它使用了什么技术。

“Colourists have long toiled in the gloom, bringing their unique brand of magic to film and TV screens in relative anonymity. I’m hugely looking forward to being a member of the jury for these awards, bringing colourists and their amazing work blinking into the daylight.” – commented Simon Astbury, one of the judges and the Managing Director at Juice Shanghai.

“长期以来,色彩师一直在舞台背后辛苦工作,以默默无闻的方式用他们独特的技艺给电影与电视注入魅力。我非常期待作为评委会成员评点本届色彩奖的作品,帮助色彩师们美轮美奂的作品在阳光下尽情闪耀。”—— 本届色彩奖评委之一、Juice上海董事总经理Simon Astbury。

The judging and awards are being organised with the co-operation of the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers), Imago (the International Federations of Cinematographers), and CSI (Colorist Society International).


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