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Kobe’s West World | 科比的《西部世界》


Kobe Bryant | 科比·布莱恩特


Celebrity is said to be a sure way to win the hearts’ of Chinese consumers.  Kobe Bryant is the star power in a recent spot advertising a video game created by Tencent games.  Playing heavily on the themes from the sci-fi HBO hit West World, Kobe is able to adjust his physical and mental attributes from a slick futuristic tablet.  He closes out the spot with a picture perfect three pointer.


Kobe’s West World | 科比的西部世界


The 90 second spot, shot over two days in LA, was produced by Shanghai-based Push Media with assistance from LA based production company Ways and Means.  Push Media is known for their ability to capture authentic, street style images.  The production house landed the job with Tencent based on their previous work on a Vans x QQ four part documentary series, also shot in LA with Chinese graffiti artists.

90秒的广告历时两天在洛杉矶拍摄完成,由上海Push Media打造,洛杉矶制作公司Ways and Means倾力支持。Push Media为人熟知的特点就是擅长捕捉真实感十足的街边镜头。此前,他们还为腾讯打造了Vans x QQ 飞车#随我造#主题活动的四部曲,当时,团队携手中国涂鸦艺术家于洛杉矶拍摄了此片。

While the team had worked with celebrities before, Kobe is certainly the biggest name in their portfolio.  Director Jonathon Lim shared that “Kobe was easy to work with and very gracious to everyone on the set”.  The team only had Kobe for two hours but had spent the day before working with his double, whom Lim was surprised to learn had been Kobe’s double for over a decade and was quite good friends with Kobe.

团队此前也跟明星合作过,但是科比无疑是最响亮的名字。导演Jonathon Lim分享说,“跟科比一起工作很轻松,他对片场每个人都很热情”。跟科比拍摄实际只有两个小时的时间,但是拍摄前一天团队一直在跟科比的替身排练,令人吃惊的是,此人已经做了十多年科比的替身了,而且跟科比还是好朋友。

 Director Jonathon Lim and Kobe’s double | 导演Jonathon和科比的替身


Kobe has a rule he only shoots on locations within 30 miles (17km) from his house in LA, so it was a necessity this time for the client to shoot abroad.  In recent years, however, it has become more common for Chinese clients to produce films abroad.  This is just another example illuminating this current trend and the more internationalized look of films produced for China’s market.



The real Kobe on set | 真正的科比


Production Team | 制片团队



Credits 制作团队

Client 客户:腾讯 Tencent
Account Manager 客户经理 : Xixi Ni
Production 制作 : Push Media (Shanghai)
Director 导演 : Jonathon Lim
Producer 制片 : Jeffrey Chow
DP 摄影导演 : Matthew Chuang
Post Production 后期 : Seoul Vision (Shanghai)
Post Supervisor 后期特效总监 : Jae Bae
LA Team 洛杉矶团队
Production 制作 : Ways and Means
Executive Producers 监制 : Jett Siegler, Lana Kim
Producer 制片 : Noah Thomason

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