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With the huge growth in the Chinese advertising and film industry over the last 10 years the market has also been a great venue for post production companies to showcase incredible talent, skill and artistry. Two post-production companies, Vision and IXOR, have decided to join forces and make themselves a force to be reckoned with.


Vision, formerly known as Seoulvision, has been working in the domain of post-production for more than 30 years in Korea. The company decided to open a studio in Shanghai in March 2016, making it the first Korean commercial postproduction company in the Chinese market, one year before the opening of another Korean big name, Locus. Seoulvision particular, though, seemed to be able to successfully grow their business in China by constantly responding to the quickly transforming market. In January 2019, the company rebranded, dropping “Seoul” to simply “Vision”, and adopting new beginnings, new branding and new goals. Vision’s “one stop shop” concept of services (including editing, Motion Graphics, VFX, CGI, and sound recording) has always aimed to unite the best teams to provide the highest result. Now Vision has decided to expand even further by partnering with IXOR.


Established in 2005, IXOR VFX is a CGI and post-production company offering high quality Effects & 3D animation services. The main company is located in Athens, Greece, with studio offices in London and Los Angeles. The company has earned several awards and accolades from their peers in the international CG community as well as at international events, most notably that Andronikos Bisogiannis, Founder & Creative director of IXOR was nominated at the 2016 Guldabaggen Awards, the “Oscars” of Sweden.

成立于2005年的 IXOR VFX 是一家CGI和后期制作公司,提供优质的特效&3D动画服务。总公司位于希腊的雅典,在伦敦和洛杉矶都有工作室。该公司在国际CG(电脑绘图)界以及国际活动中获得了多个奖项,备受赞誉,其中值得一提的是IXOR的创始人兼创意总监Andronikos Bisogiannis,在2016年Guldabaggen奖项中获得了提名, 这相当于瑞典的奥斯卡奖。

Vision’s managing director in Shanghai, Jeffrey Chow, has pointed out that their goal is to build the global VFX studio in which they will offer more powerful 3D special effects and Hollywood level solutions for the film and TVC industry clients in greater China and Asia. He has expressed his satisfaction in this collaboration and added: ”I have known IXOR for many years. They have been doing high quality commercials as well as VFX for movies in Europe and North America. It is definitely a good opportunity for both Vision and IXOR to collaborate as a strategic partnership and we are confident that we are able to bring in the best of post-production services to our beloved clients“.To celebrate this partnership, Vision is throwing an event next month, August 2nd, a party that will be joined by some of the top management and talent from IXOR.

Vision驻上海总经理Jeffrey Chow指出,他们的目标是打造一家全球VFX(视觉效果)工作室,为大中华区和亚洲地区电影和TVC(电视广告)行业的客户提供更震撼的3D特效和好莱坞级别方案。他对这次合作表示满意,并补充道:“我和IXOR认识了很多年了。他们一直在欧洲和北美地区从事于制作高质量的广告和电影特效。这对于Vision和IXOR来说,绝对是一个开展战略合作伙伴关系的难得的机会,我们有信心能够为我们挚爱的客户带来最好的后期制作服务。”为了庆祝这次的合作,Vision将在下个月的8月2日举办一场活动,IXOR的一些高管和达人将参加这场派对。

Join the celebration on August 2nd at

上海市 徐汇区 徐虹中路21号 3楼 Vision Shanghai (3F,Xuhongzhong Rd.#21,Xuhui District Shanghai,China)

Venue 地点:Vision Shanghai

Date 日期: 2 Aug, 2019 (Friday)

Time 时间:18:30

 Vision PR Victoria

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