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Agency in-house video production continues to rise | 广告公司纷纷设立内部视频制作公司


In BBDO’s high-rise office towering over Shanghai’s Xujiahui District, the agency celebrated the opening of Flare, an in-house video content creation and production branch-off.  Flare, which first launched out of BBDO’s London office in 2013, is now in 16 cities and 10 countries.  According to the official press release Flare’s task is “to take BBDO successfully into the video content arena; to efficiently deliver BBDO brands’ need for constant video content”.


The growth of in-house agency video content creation and production in China follows a global trend, where agencies and brands alike are trying to keep up with consumers’ insatiable demand for video content.  While traditional production companies may view this development as a threat to business as usual, current China BBDO CEO Tan The Kiat made clear the creation and formalization of in-house production is more about agencies and brands trying to keep up with the high demand for video content rather than stealing outside production companies work.  


Intl_directors.picGlobal Director and CEO Andrew Robertson (L) and BBDO Asia Pacific Chairman and CEO Jean-Paul Burge at Flare’s Shanghai opening party | 全球总裁兼CEO Andrew Robertson先生(左)与BBDO亚太区主席兼CEO Jean-Paul Burge先生到场为Flare 揭幕

Last year a report done by Google found that the top global brands upload a video every 18.5 minutes (Campaign Live).  This means not every video produced is a top-grade, million dollar budget TVC.  The need for viral-video type production, rapid turn over, and lower budget video content is in demand.  Creating an ‘in-agency’ production house only makes sense for big agencies like BBDO to meet these needs of the client.

谷歌去年的一份报告显示,全球各大品牌每18.5分钟就会上传一支视频(Campaign Live)。这样的速度也就意味着并不是所有的视频都是花了数百万美元制作的顶瓜瓜的电视广告。能够快速回本又能广泛传播的低预算视频,需求量是巨大的。所以说,像BBDO这样的大型广告公司成立自己的制作公司可谓是满足客户需求的一条出路。

The expansion of a BBDO production branch-off like Flare is also a way for bigger agencies to stay relevant and compete with smaller and often more nimble digital agencies, which are similarly proliferating to fill this niche need for constant and fresh video content.


Wong_SH_Flare_director_.picBBDO Shanghai Head of Flare Yeweng Wong | BBDO上海负责人 Yeweng Wong

Flare’s current staff of seven are mostly replants from BBDO’s Shanghai creative and production team, other than the appointed head of Flare’s Shanghai office Yeweng Wong and another new hire.  Wong is Malaysian born and raised, with over twenty years experience working at 4A agencies in New York and most recently held the position as Design Director at Vogue studios in New York.  Flare’s initial purpose is to better serve the video content needs of BBDO’s existing clients but it will also seek out clients independently, and has already started talking with Neutrogena which is not a BBDO client, Greater China Corporate Communications Manager Poi Yu confirmed.


Great_China_CEO_.picBBDO Greater China CEO Tze Kiat Tan | 洁(BBDO大中华区CEO)

BBDO Greater China CEO Tze Kiat Tan expressed that “Flare will not replace the relationships and work that BBDO does with outside production companies and directors”, rather she says “Flare is here to assist and make BBDO’s video content creation better and more adaptable to its clients’ needs”.

BBDO大中华区CEO 陈子洁表示,“Flare不会替代我们跟外部制作公司和导演的合作,相反,“Flare要辅助BBDO的视频内容创作,更好的适应客户的需求

In an ever-cluttered and competitive video content market, the Flare team is trying to stay ahead of the game by positioning itself inside the safety net of a global agency while pushing and exploring  the boundaries as an independent video content and production company.   Flare’s Shanghai party was brief but the room was filled with youthful, positive energy, a good sign for any start-up trying to win the hearts and minds of Chinese consumers.

视频内容创作市场竞争日趋激烈,鱼龙混杂,Flare团队一方面有着得天独厚的机会,处在BBDO的庇佑之下,一方面又不断独立探索开发视频内容和制作,这样才能处在最前沿。Flare上海开幕式虽然简短,但是却充满生机,满满的正能量, 作为一家初创公司,要想在中国赢得人心,这也是必不可少的。

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