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Hot Pink with Attitude|亮粉色的态度


To a foreigner, unknowing of the intricacies of the Chinese language, the recent Tencent campaign might be a bit of conundrum. Why a pink scotch tape seems to be the remedy for everything, from scaring away an annoying salesperson to a working mom who’s had enough of her gaming playing partner?!



The commercial film is divided into four stand-alone scenes, each explaining the “30-year-old modern woman attitude” from a different perspective: working moms will not retreat and compromise at the workplace; they will not accept to be the only carer of the baby; they will not spend hard-earned money carelessly; and finally, that single women looking for partner will not settle for less. In other words, age is just a number, but living in your own manner, without fear of age and its pressure, is what important.


Interestingly for Xu WangLiang, the director behind the spots, this is not the first advertising that is so fiercely local, it leaves foreigners perplexed. Last year he directed that Cadillac spot, that caused a lot of polarized responses. His portfolio is full of other works, which humor might be lost on someone who doesn’t live in China. It appears, that Xu WangLiang has mastered a genre of Chinese advertising that serves instant humor in scenes strung together by a unifying message/slogan. As a sweet, humorous antidote to the pressures of everyday life, these commercials glide on the surface, often touching upon hot issues, while keeping the brand product focus.


Cadillac keeps its COOL in China|凯迪拉克在中国的“冷眼”态度

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