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Futuristic world of Bosie 伯喜的未来世界


China’s first unisex apparel brand Bosie is definitely on trend.


The brand reportedly made around $21.9 million (150 million yuan) in sales over 2019, just a year after its founding. Bosie aims to “break the shackles and boundaries”, and their first commercial film fits this narrative. Heavy on CG, the 2 minutes film invites the viewer into a futuristic world and SHP+ was curious to see what it took to create such “out of this world” spot.

据报道,该品牌在2019年的销售额约为2190万美元(约合1.5亿元人民币),而此时距该品牌成立仅一年。伯喜的目标是打破束缚和界限,而他们的第一部广告大片也符合这一主题。这部海量CG,时长 2分钟的影片,带领观众进入了一个未来的世界,SHP+对此也很好奇,让我们一起来看看伯喜创造的“异界世界”吧。

Shanghai-based production house Achill brought the vision of agency SociaLab to life. Yet, the final film turned out a little different from the initial brief, according to EP Mika. Originally, the agency came to Achill with a “Universe/Cosmos opera” concept, which was not feasible to do within the budget. But once the director Angie Su came to the project, she reworked the script together with the agency to bring the revised version to reality. It was crucial for Achill to work with a director who’s had experience shooting CG spots, as Bosie ad is the first of its kind on their reel. Angie recently worked on Pepsi Black and Bilibili, among other commercials, and is no stranger to creating futuristic worlds. Everything this director says, she can realize— that’s how Mika describes Angie. Which was also crucial for this project, as there was no extra time or resources to spend exploring the right look and feel.

来自上海的制作公司Achill明晰制作为SociaLab的愿景赋予了生命。不过,据监制Mika说,最终的成片和最初的设计有些不同。起初,代理找到Achill明晰制作,希望能够围绕“宇宙歌剧”这个概念制片,但由于预算有限无法进行。导演Angie Su的到来带来了转机,她与代理一起重新调整了剧本,将不可能变为了可能。对于Achill明晰制作来说,合作的导演需要有CG拍摄经验,这一点很重要,因为伯喜的这部广告是他们在该类别中制作的首支广告。而导演Angie近期的广告项目中不乏类似百事无糖哔哩哔哩这样的品牌,因此创造未来世界对她来说并不陌生。Mika告诉我们:这是一位言出必行的导演,能将她口中的任何创意变为现实。而这一点对这个项目来说至关重要,由于预算有限,他们没有一丝一毫的余地去花费时间和资源探索风格和感觉

Bilibili 2020 end of the year film by Angie Su

哔哩哔哩2020年终广告 导演Angie Su

The four chapters of the commercial were all shot in one day in a studio. Only the sets involving many actors was shot “in camera” to save some time on post-production.

Surprisingly, the ad that was filmed almost entirely with green screen, does not have a post-production house. Mika shares, that the quotations they received from post-houses were 2-3 times higher than their budget. So, to make do with what they had, Achill decided to enlist the help of freelance CG artists and allocated a month and a half, a considerable amount of time, for them to do the magic. Director Angie suggested two main talent: Krystal Ding, who made the opening scene entirely, and Liu Xin 刘鑫, who was responsible for the rest, with help from two other CG artists.

这部广告的四个章节都是在同一摄影棚里一天拍摄完成的。为了节省后期制作的时间,只有多名演员的部分由“镜头”拍摄完成。令人惊讶的是,这部广告几乎完全是用绿幕拍摄的,没有后期制作工作室的参与。Mika告诉我们,由于收到的后期制作报价比预算高出2-3倍,为了巧用手中的资源,Angie决定征募自由CG艺术家帮忙,并留给了他们一个半月的时间,如此充分的创作时间了,给艺术家们留足了施展 “魔法” 的时间。导演Angie推荐了两名主要的艺术家: Krystal Ding,负责整个开场,另一位艺术家是刘鑫,负责在其他两名CG艺术家的帮助下完成剩下的部分。

Mika says the client gave everybody a lot of space to create and did not have strict requirements. The only element of the brand that was essential— unisex concept, which guided the casting for the main character. Achill took the character in Doctor Strange as a reference, and casted a bold model. No hair was shaved for the commercial, but the makeup artist did cover the model’s tattooed eyebrows, further enhancing the look.


The reference: Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in Doctor Strange (2016)

参考:演员Tilda Swinton在《奇异博士》中古一法师的造型(2016)


Director Angie Su with actress on set

Despite the low budget and the first CG-heavy project for AchillMika says it was not challenging. “This shooting was smooth, the client didn’t have many suggestions on set, everyone was quite happy, we even wrapped earlier”, — she shares. She continues, describing the final product: “Frankly, compared to other works we did, I don’t think this one will resonate with the audience much. It’s all visual, no story, and it’s kind of niche. But we like it a lot, and I think we got the recognition from the industry, and young audience will definitely like it”.



 CREDITS 制片团队 



制作公司:Achill 明晰制作


导演/编剧:Angie Su

摄影指导:Arden Tse



视觉总监:刘鑫,Krystal Ding

剪辑/包装设计:Erjun Peng

CG Artist: 刘鑫,Krystal Ding、朱雨婷、厉博宁



作曲:Norman, Tracks and Fields

音乐制作:Jerry Wang, Tracks and Fields

声音设计:候潇、Cindy Takehara


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