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Final Frontier’s Intergalactic Battle Epic for Acer | 宏碁的史诗星战


Final Frontier’s new collaboration with We Are Social Shanghai is an Intergalactic battle epic promoting Acer’s Predator range of gaming hardware, directed by Paulo Garcia and Zombie Studio.

Final Frontier终极先锋和上海We Are Social工作室最新合作一部星际战争史诗片,由Paulo Garcia和Zombie工作室执导,旨在推广宏碁的掠夺者Predator系列游戏硬件产品。

The concept needed to specifically sell the Predator range’s unique heat-battling technology, tackling a common problem for hardcore gamers. To that end, Final Frontier executive producer Gus Karam worked alongside We Are Social from the outset to shape the storyline.

为了解决所有硬核玩家面对的共同问题——散热之争,销售概念是突出掠夺者Predator系列独特的散热技术。为了达到这个目的,Final Frontier终极先锋监制Gus Karam从一开始就和We Are Social工作室一起从开端来框架故事情节。


Story | 故事

Amid the human race’s colonisation of the galaxy, in one of the darkest, most wretched recesses of the universe, planet ZB-02 has been ravaged and occupied by the vile alien race, the Go’Re. Made of fire and sustained by molten heat, the Go’Re travel from planet to planet, purging the land and drilling into the planet’s core to release the searing temperatures that nourish them, indiscriminately slaughtering anything they encounter along the way. After centuries of destruction, the humans decide to reclaim ZB-02 and cleanse it of the Go`re.



Development | 发展

Garcia and his team were behind the character and world design, the 3D modelling, animation, and the visual effects. He explains his passion for the project, “We relished the opportunity to create this world and be part of this fantastic narrative that we humans are reclaiming a colony planet.”


Animatic 动态分镜

The director adds, “The challenge was to bring the creatures and humans to the screen as realistically as possible, making sure they would all move in a believable way, developing fight choreography, understanding how each of the lava tribe characters would move, attack, and how each hero would join the battle in a collaborative way to ensure victory. ”



The Humans | 人类

The human tribe comprises five characters, each inspired by a specific ACER computer. Though the characters existed as 3D models prior to the campaign, Zombie upgraded their armour and model structures.



The Go’Re | Go’Re族

Zombie designed the initial Go’re monster designs as part of the pitch, and ultimately evolved them into fully rigged and shaded 3D models. They are split into three categories of warrior:


Gun’Thar (the ‘Light Infantry’)(轻步兵)

These monsters are ferocious warriors, with deadly blades attached to their wrists and legs designed for speed, and a big mouth to decimate their prey. They are fast, strong and merciless creatures that fight to the death.


Gorgun (the ‘Middle Infantry’)中型步兵

Lava runs through the veins of these massive, deadly creatures, maintaining a core temperature as hot as a volcano. His body is dense with skin that feels like heated stone, but reacts like an organic tissue. Unlike anything found on Earth.


Hell itself. These creatures feed at the molten core of the planet, becoming gigantic in size. They live underground, carving lava rivers with their claws.


Garcia says, “My favourite scene is the big monster revelation, when Gaomuth appears like a boss. When we see our heroes defeat him so easily, the message we’re sending about the Predators really hits home.”

Garcia 说:“我最喜欢的一场戏是“大怪兽启示录”,当Gaomuth无敌一般地登场,而我们的英雄如此轻易地击败了他,我们所传递的关于掠夺者Predator的信息就是切中要害。”


Production | 制片

From the outset, Gus worked closely with the agency and director to establish feasibility for the 3D design and production process. He explains,


“It was a fantastic experience working with the We Are Social team and Paulo while the concept was still in the embryonic phase. Working together at that stage, it was truly a partnership, in which our experience and insight could really help from both a creative and a production standpoint. It meant we could foresee the challenges ahead, ensured a really smooth process and, most importantly, led to a spectacular result.”

“在这个概念还处于萌芽阶段的时候,与Khlauss、Nathan以及整个We Are Social 团队合作是一件很愉快的事情。在那个合作阶段,我们真正实现了团队合作精神,我们的经验和见解可以从创造性和生产的角度提供真正的帮助。这意味着我们可以预见未来的挑战,确保一个真正顺利的过程,最重要的是,引导出辉煌的结果。

VFX Preview

The live action shoot took place over one day in the southern Brazilian city Curitiba, seeing Final Frontier leverage its South America network to assemble the production crew. Gus says:

实景拍摄在巴西南部城市库里奇巴只用了一天,体现了Final Frontier终级先锋利用其南美人脉资源聚集制作团队的实力。Gus说:

“There are so many benefits to shooting in Brazil and Latin America. Final Frontier is one of the few companies positioned in Asia to make such international production possible, in this case connecting, China and Taiwan with South America.”

All in, the production took 4-months from conception to delivery.

“在巴西和拉丁美洲拍摄有太多优势。Final Frontier终级先锋是亚洲为数不多的可以将中国大陆和台湾与南美洲连接起来的公司,使这种国际合作制片成为可能。”



Outcome | 成果

Gus paid tribute to Garcia and the team at Zombie, saying, “Working with Paulo and Zombie was a great experience. Their impeccable direction and execution ensured the final piece was something special.”





Agency 代理公司:We Are Social

Group Creative Director 创意群总监:Khlauss Feldhaus

Creative Director 创意总监:Jason Breen

Group Account Director 客户群总监:Nathan Baker

Account Manager 客户经理:Kristina Knut

Producer 制片人:William Yang

Client approval 客户审批:Wolfgang Hsu

Production Company 制片公司:Final Frontier终极先锋

Executive Producer 监制:Gustavo Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski, Chris Colman

Producer 制片人:Marcio Lovato

Live Action Executive Producer 实拍监制 :- Felipe Claudino

Line Producer执行制片人 :Enzo Balbinot

Animation Studio 动画工作室:Zombie Studio

Director 导演:Paulo Garcia

Creative Director 创意总监:Daniel Salles

Studio Executive Producer 工作室监制:Natalia Gouvêa

Producer 制片人:Antonela Castro, Leticia Harumi

Production Director 制作总监:Nayla Kols

Concept Artist 原画设计师:Estevão Teuber, Feppa Rodrigues, Marcelo Garcia, Anna Caiado, Marcelo Fahd

Storyboard 故事版设计师:Saulo Brito, Marcelo Fahd

CG Supervisor CG总监:Yohann da Geb

Lead Compositor 合成组长:Yohann da Geb

Composition 作曲:Gustavo Rangel Adriana Cardozo Wallan Oliveira

Look Development / Lighting 视觉发展/灯光:Claudio Junior, Thiago Peyon, Mauricio Gomes, Mauricio Alvarenga, Gustavo Rangel

Editor 剪辑:Yohann da Geb

COLOR GRADING 调色:Psycho n’ Look

I.T. :Gabriel Paixão

Modelling 模型师:Mauricio Sampaio, Danilo Gerard, Steferson Rocha, Tiago Oliveira

Set Dressing 场景布置:Tiago Oliveira

Digital Matte Painting 数字绘景:Adriana Cardozo

Rigging 绑定:Kippcase Rigging Studio

Animation Director 动画导演:Bruno Monteiro

Animators 动画师:Conrado Testa, Francisco Catão, Michel Denis Da silva, Matheus Caetano, Rodrigo Dutra, Marcos Elias, Igor Copelli, Hanrry Pschera, Bruno Santos, Christian Weckl, Leonidas Maciel

Technical Supervisor CGI   CGI技术主管:Wallan Oliveira


FX ARTIST 特效师:Guilherme Casagrande Marco Melantonio

CLOTH SIMULATION 布料模拟:Gustavo Rangel

CROWD SIMULATION 群体模拟:Wallan Oliveira


Music & Sound Production 音乐及音效制作:Cachorro Loco

Composer 作曲:Facundo Capece

Sound design 声音设计:Lola Richter


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