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Final Frontier Lands in China | Final Frontier登陆中国


Newcomer production company Final Frontier launched earlier this year in Shanghai, specializing in animation, character design, visual effects, stop motion and mixed media. While it currently represents a host of award-winning international animation production talent, it aims to foster and promote animation talent based in China.

新晋制作公司Final Frontier已于今年入驻上海,专长于动画、角色设计、视觉特效、定格动画和混合媒体等领域。公司云集了多位来自世界各地斩获大奖的动画精英,想要培养及推广中国的动画人才发展。

Year with Uber


Originally based in the South American market, Final Frontier founder and Executive Producer Gustavo Karam became interested in Asia when he noticed that the briefs coming from the region were increasingly creative with reasonable budgets and schedules. After two large, successful projects with ad agency R/GA’s Singapore and Shanghai teams, Final Frontier opened office in May this year and has since hit the ground running, working to expand its roster of locally-based talent.

Final Frontier来自南美洲,其创始人兼监制Gustavo Karam看到亚洲地区的文案越来越有创意,同时预算和周期都很合理,便对这一市场产生兴趣。跟广告机构R/GA新加坡团队和上海团队成功合作了两个大项目之后,Final Frontier上海工作室于今年五月启动,致力于拓展中国本土的人才库。

Founder and Executive Producer of Final Frontier, Gustavo Karam
Final Frontier创始人兼监制Gustavo Karam


Final Frontier’s mission is to act as an agent of transformation in the China market, inspiring the creative industry to tell more stories through animation while raising production standards, fostering talent and healthy competition. It currently works closely with ad agencies to refine the pre-production process and build stronger creative proposals, in addition to project production. The 14 directors on the roster now bring a broad range of expertise across large commercial projects and smaller, more artistic projects with fresh perspectives.

Final Frontier的愿景是成为中国市场的变革动力,激励中国的创意产业更多地通过动画渠道讲故事,以此提高制作水准,培养人才,促进良性竞争。现在,Final Frontier跟各大广告机构紧密合作,除了项目制作之外,还专注优化前期制作流程,找到更有创意的提案。现在,公司有14位导演,经验丰富,既有大型商业项目的专业知识,又有着偏于艺术性的小项目的全新视角。

A still from a short created for primetime TV show “American Gods”


On the challenges the new company faces in China, Karam says that while there is a lot of strong talent to pull from, it will take time to build a team that can bring knowledge of the market and learn to work as an efficient unit. “We are looking for local talent to bring both colossal skills and an eager attitude to learn and adapt to our pipelines. We want to provide our know-how and mentor China artists to push the market further. Animated artists overseas are seen as rock stars, and we want to provide a platform that gives local artists the same international recognition.”


Final Frontier has worked extensively on 3D animation campaigns for clients such as Nissan
Final Frontier为客户打造了众多3D动画广告,如日产项目


Final Frontier is also partnered with specialized studios in animation, VR/AR and animation music. Karam is especially excited about the potential for interactive productions in China, where the market has already begun to see well-executed native storytelling using VR and AR. With resources and relationships with such studios, clients can expect to receive a comprehensive package of expertise from one production company.

同时,Final Frontier还跟动画、VR/AR、动画音乐等专业工作室开展合作。Karam尤其为中国的交互制作前景感到欣喜,中国现在已经有了制作精良的VR和AR技术打造的本土故事。有了这些工作室的资源和人脉,客户只需要这一家制作公司就可以享受全面的打包式服务。

A hand-drawn graphic-novel style was applied to “The Road to HBL” for Nike China
耐克中国《The Road to HBL》广告融入手绘漫画风格


Final Frontier’s most recent projects in the market include The Road to HBL, an animated “choose your own adventure” for Nike China’s High School Basketball League, and Year with Uber, a campaign that pulls from 5,000 animated story and musical combinations to create a personalized year-in-review video for Uber users in Asia Pacific.

Final Frontier最近的一些项目包括为耐克高中篮球联赛打造的《The Road to HBL》动画广告, “choose your own adventure”;为优步打造的《Year with Uber》,5000个动画故事和音乐的结合,为亚太地区的优步用户带来个性化的年度回顾视频。


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