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Fin Design + Effects 在中国商业大片《动物世界》中带给观众的视觉盛宴


Animal World  |《动物世界》

Fin Design + Effects brings its VFX expertise to genre-defying Chinese blockbuster, Animal World, which launched June 29th, 2018. Directed by Han Yan, the highly-anticipated film stars Hollywood legend Michael Douglas and Chinese megastar Li Yifeng.


Loosely based on Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s manga, Ultimate Survivor Kaiji, the action-packed film follows a young man, who attends a mysterious gambling party on a ship. If he wins the game, his debts will be cancelled. However, things aren’t so straightforward and the hero soon finds himself plunged into a chaotic world.


Boutique design and VFX house, Fin, worked closely with production company Bang Bang Pictures to deliver key visuals to aid the storytelling. Fin called into action all elements of its bespoke visual effects pipeline to create photo-real clowns and the monsters they battle.

后期特效公司Fin与Bang Bang公司紧密合作,合力完成关键的视觉特效以推进故事的发展。Fin动用了全部的特效技术和手段,创造了真实的小丑和与之战斗的怪兽。

One of the most notable of these elements is a mind-melting glitch effect that transforms the hero into a sword-wielding, fighter clown. Another key design challenge, entrusted to Fin, involves several fully computer-generated moments (Limboland) that help explain the rules and theories behind the game of survival which the film revolves around.


With studios in Sydney and Shanghai, Fin makes it easy for Chinese filmmakers to access some of the world’s best visual effects artists and their design-driven style. Animal World marks the second Chinese feature film that Fin has worked on this year, having created an exciting drone-attack sequence for the box office smash-hit, Operation Red Sea. Other recent credits include Thor: Ragnarok for Marvel Studios and Logan for Twentieth Century Fox.


Animal World is set to be released on 29th June 2018 across China and the UK.


Credits 制片团队

Director | 导演 : Han Yan
VFX Supervision | VFX监制 : Bang Bang Pictures
VFX Supervisors | VFX主管: John Dietz & Will Manning
VFX | 视觉特效: Fin Design + Effects
Executive Producer | 执行制片人: Chris Spry
VFX Supervisors | VFX主管: Stuart White & Robert Grbevski


About Fin

Fin is a boutique design and VFX house based in Sydney and Shanghai. Established in 2001, Fin is home to Australasia’s most highly awarded, close-knit team of VFX artists, designers, and producers. Our collective experience allows us to approach all projects with an individual tailored approach. With the converging digital landscape, we strive to be continually placed at its forefront and our unique flexibility is matched with a passion and energy to foster creative partnerships and collaborate with clients.


Fin是位于悉尼与上海的精品影视广告制作公司。 成立于2001年,由一群获奖丰富的特效师、设计师和制片人组成的紧密合作的团队。 丰富的经验让我们有能力满足所有项目的个性化需求。如今数码产业发展蓬勃,我们力争走在行业的最前列 ,并用热情与能量培养我们与客户的合作伙伴关系。



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