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Do you know how to ‘airbnb’? | 如何享受“爱彼迎”,你知道吗?


Whether or not Airbnb is legal in China is not an issue for the brands recent campaign for the Chinese market. The viral video launched this month targets Chinese with discretionary incomes who are increasingly spending that money on traveling out side of China.  Airbnb wants to ensure this surge of outbound Chinese tourists understand just how Airbnb’s services works.  “The vision behind the project was to bring clarity to Airbnb,” explained Samya Deb, Airbnb Creative Lead.  For the Chinese market “there are certain questions like ‘What is Airbnb?’ and ‘How do you use it?’ that need to be answered.”

不论爱彼迎在中国到底是不是一种合法的存在,都无法阻挡它近期在中国市场掀起的广告热。本月,爱彼迎中国广告迅速传播,其目标人群就是越来越多的能随心所欲去国外旅游中国人。在境外旅游热的背景下,爱彼迎想要让中国游客了解如何享受其服务。这次广告的目的就是让人认识爱彼迎,爱彼迎创意总监Samya Deb如是说。中国市场对爱彼迎还有一些困惑,比如,爱彼迎为何物?’‘如何使用爱彼迎,我们要给这些问题提供答案。


Airbnb’s brand ambassador and Taiwanese heartthrob, Eddie Peng, a go to talent for brands across China, answers these questions in the brightly colored 60 second spot produced by Studio Stare.  The video reference was Michel Gondry’s retro style, bold and colorful, sketch video vignettes. 

台湾当红偶像彭于晏一直是广告宠儿,他这次担任了爱彼迎品牌大使,用色彩鲜明的60秒广告,给人们提供了答案。这支广告由Studio Stare制作,视频制作参考了Michel Gondry的复古风格,大胆鲜明,勾勒出丰富多样的视频画面。

Behind the scenes | 幕后

It took three days to build the set, where one of those days the team pulled an all-nighter.  The set and prop movement was all done manually so choreographing movements and lighting was a tricky part of the one day shoot.  Each set is modeled after real Airbnb listings, such as the tree house Peng strolls into which is an actual listing in Atlanta.  Similarly the host who greets Peng with open arms at the start is an actual host flown in from France. 


Post production was led by MPC Advertising’s Shanghai team.  After three weeks of post the final eye-catching video was put out on Airbnb’s WeChat where it received 207,000 likes and 98,000 comments, making it one of the most liked videos on WeChat Moments.  According to Airbnb the spot was played nearly 64 million times.

这部广告的后期制作由MPC Advertising上海团队领衔打造,历时三周完成,最终得以呈现夺人眼球的广告,发布在爱彼迎微信公众号上,目前已有了207000个赞,留言多达98000条,也成了微信朋友圈最受人热捧的视频之一。爱彼迎表示,这部广告已播放近6400万次。


It’s not the first time this team has come together to produce a popularly viewed Airbnb spot.  Earlier this year Studio Stare produced an Airbnb video launching the brand’s name in Chinese.  It was a popularly viewed video as well, unfortunately not just because of the quality of production but also because of the controversy surrounding Airbnb’s Chinese name choice.  That confusion around Airbnb’s Chinese name seems to have abated for now.  It’s too early to say if Airbnb will avoid the fate of other global giants that have failed or been shut out of the Chinese market, however, this recent spot is a winner for sure.  Not only from the production angle but the spot’s welcomed reception on WeChat shows Chinese consumers are paying attention to the brand.

这并不是Studio Stare团队第一次为爱彼迎打造如此成功的广告。今年年初,Studio Stare着手打造爱彼迎广告,借此公布了品牌中文名。这支广告也备受欢迎,不过这可不只是因为精良的制作水准,而是因为人们对爱彼迎的中文名颇感兴趣,纷纷热议。现在,人们对这个中文名已没有过多争论。爱彼迎会不会遭受其他国际大品牌在中国的命运,退出中国市场,还尚不可知,但是这次的广告无疑是大获成功的。而这也不仅仅是制作水准的精良所致,微信上的夺人眼球,也说明了中国观众对爱彼迎品牌关注度越来越高。

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Credits 制作团队
Client 客户: Airbnb 爱彼迎
Airbnb Creative Lead 爱彼迎创意总监: Samya Deb
Airbnb China Marketing Lead 爱彼迎中国市场总监: Mia Chen
Airbnb Project Lead 爱彼迎项目总监: Grace He
Airbnb Producer 爱彼迎制片: Bethany Easton
Creative 创意团队: Petter Eldin, Dan Sumpter
Director 导演: Petter Eldin
Executive Producers 监制: Jimmy FY, Jeff Pi
Cinematographer 摄影: Richard Kendall
Assistant Director 助理导演: Richard Hughes
Art Direction 艺术总监: Kai Boydell
Producer 制片: Lynn Wong
Post Production 后期制作: MPC Advertising Shanghai
Original Music/Audio Post 原创音乐/音频后期: Ker Sound
Digital Agencies 数字广告公司: Carnivo, AnG

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