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Director Zhang Dapeng brings emotion to an energy drink


Director Zhang Dapeng pulls on the heart strings again with his film for Thai energy drink Carabao that he created with BBH China and Pro Films. Following his extremely popular teaser for the Chinese version of the Peppa Pig film, Zhang Dapeng cements his style in emotional and uplifting cinematic work with this seven-minute long ad featuring six stories of characters from all walks of life in China who are striving to make things better for those around them.

张大鹏导演与BBH China(中国百赫比广告公司)以及专业电影公司共同为泰国能量饮料Carabao创作的影片再次触动了人们的心弦。继轰动全国的中文短片《啥是佩奇》之后,张大鹏在感人并令人振奋的影视作品中把他的风格植入到这个七分钟长的广告中,其中有六个来自中国各行各业的人物的故事,他们努力向上,为身边的人争取更好的生活。

Arthur Tsang, CCO of BBH China mentions that ‘it is very bold for an energy drink to step away from the sporty, over-the-top norms of the category’ but according to Romthan Setthasit, co-CEO of Carabao China ‘Carabao has always been a supporter of people who strive for a better life’ and this film really demonstrates that.

Arthur Tsang,BBH China(中国百赫比广告公司)的首席文化官,表示:“作为一款能量饮料,抛开运动、夸大的形式,这样的广告非常大胆。”但是Romthan Setthasit,Carabao中国的联合执行总裁说:“Carabao一直支持着那些追求更好生活的人”,而这部影片实际上印证了这一点”

The rousing anthem which each character spontaneously breaks into throughout the film is to the tune of the popular children’s song “The Ants Go Marching” or the American Civil War classic “When Johnny Come Marching Home”. Depending on which version you identify with, the film gives a slightly different feel – coming off a bit more ominous if you’re more familiar with the Civil War song, and lighter if you’re thinking of the ants marching. Along with the desaturated palette and real-life stories, the ad does have a bit of a dark and dramatic feel, but overall a hopeful and inspirational tone.

整个影片中,每个角色都不由自主地唱起了振奋人心的主题曲,这首歌与流行儿童歌曲《蚂蚁在前进》(The Ants Go Marching)和美国内战经典歌曲《约Jonny回家时》(When Johnny Come Marching Home)的旋律相一致。根据你所认同的版本,这部影片给人的感觉略有不同——如果你更熟悉内战的那首歌,感觉会更沉重;如果你想到《蚂蚁在前进》,感觉会更轻松。除了被冲淡的色调和真实的故事,这则广告确实有一点黑暗和戏剧的感觉,但总体上是一个充满希望和鼓舞人心的基调。

As with the Peppa Pig teaser, the characters in this film are truly believable and the viewer immediately empathises with them. It’s really lovely to see a film in which normal people in daily life are helping to set things right and working hard. Although story-telling style films are becoming more popular in China, projects like this show that the genre still can give us many lovely surprises. The incredible result in this case no doubt comes from and amazing collaboration of top director, production, agency, clients.


Each of the six stories featured in the main film will be expanded and released over the next few months on social media and other online channels as well.



Client 客户:Carabao 卡拉宝

Agceny 代理:BBH China 百比赫中国

Production 制作公司:Pro Films


Producer 监制: Weisian Lee

DOP 摄影指导:冯百钦

Editor 剪辑:董北

Sound Designer:颜隆


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