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Cross-border Creativity With W | W的跨境创意


If you Google “Wild Dog Knights” to try to find out more about the young production house in Vancouver of that name, the search won’t get you far. As was the case with creative house W when it first started, its overseas production extension is also a bit of a mystery for the industry. Instead of an official website and media reports, we got to know “Wild Dog Knights” through their work.

如果你在谷歌上搜索“Wild Dog Knights”,想进一步了解这个年轻的制作公司,你可能找不到太多的信息。创意公司W刚成立时也遇到这种情况,对于广告行业来说,它的海外制作分支也像一个谜一样地存在。我们是通过作品了解“Wild Dog Knights”,而不是官网和媒体报道。

Wild Dogs made Xiaomi Mi A3 ad into a bit of a «crime story gone wrong»

Since starting in 2019, W’s Vancouver team is going full speed ahead: they executed the new ad for Xiaomi A3 in just one month after receiving a brief, efficiently worked on a Watson’s commercial film in the midst of virus outbreak, and recently pulled off two versions of an ad for Lee, which they completed in less than 2 days.



Lee#Stand Tall#(亚太版)

Both the Chinese and English versions of the ad for the Asia Pacific region start with the same theme, and both are shot in same venues, but have different protagonists, and a slightly different way of delivering the message of “finding your confidence”.“Stand Tall”/我就这一套  introduces an ‘invisible man’ character as a clever move to get closer to consumers.

这支广告的中文版和针对亚太区的英文版的主题是一样的,并且都在相同地点拍摄,但是主角不同,传递“找到自信”的方式也稍稍不同。“Stand Tall”/我就这一套 介绍了一个“隐形人”的角色,这是一个拉近与消费者距离的聪明之举。

In the TVC, the “invisible man” is a misfit, but for the consumer the “invisible man” is our own growth process. “At some point everyone has had an experience of being ignored, and also an experience of being seen – through their efforts to find confidence” shares W’s owner Li San Shui.


The ad uses Lee outfits as a secret weapon to finding confidence and becoming visible. But while the English version shows the main protagonist as “Mr.Popular” who helps the “invisible men”, the Chinese TVC features a popular actor Eddie Peng saying he’s just an ordinary person. Instead of shining in the spotlight, the actor disappears into the clothes, and the invisible kid in the class picture, or the guy playing the guitar at basketball court don’t seem like separate characters, but at first are perceived as part of his experience.


This narrative shift perhaps shows the audience a more relatable story of confidence. “Hey, can you see me? No. You should see yourself first, reveal your talents to the world” says Eddie Peng in the end, after saving the invisible men from the fate of being ignored with a piece of Lee clothing. It’s not the same as  “Hey, can you see me? I can see myself. This is who I am and I stand tall”, is it?


According to Li San Shui, the biggest challenge during the shooting was the 15-hour time difference between the team in China and Vancouver. Considering that this is not a one-off collaboration, but a sustainable cooperation model, effectively navigating cross-cultural communication and time differences is something Wild Dogs will have to get used to. Aside from the TVC, which in Weibo alone generated 11.2 million views already, as lead agency W was also responsible for Asia-Pacific region core strategy development, Lee Leesures and Cooling series KV.

据李三水说,这次拍摄中最大的挑战是中加之间15小时的时差。考虑到是长期合作模式,而不只是合作一次,设法高效进行跨文化交流和克服时差是Wild Dogs将必须去习惯的事情。除了这支TVC在微博上已有1120万的观看量,作为lead agency(主导代理商)的W也负责Lee在亚太地区的核心战略发展、Lee Leesures和Cooling系列的 KV。

Co-founded by W and renowned Chinese-born director and producer Hammer, Wild Dog Knights emerged with the hefty goal of defining a new brand service model, injecting fresh elements into advertising, and bringing the ultimate driving force to the industry. W’s Vancouver arm has close ties with film and TV production companies around the world, including Canada’s largest production companies MOP, Untitled, and Bigpictures.

Wild Dog Knights由W和出生于中国的知名导演制作人Hammer共同创立,它怀着新的定义品牌服务模式的重大目标而成立,为广告加入新元素,将最终驱动力带到行业中。W温哥华分部与世界各地的影视制作公司都有紧密的联系,包括加拿大最大的制作公司MOP、Untitled和Bigpictures。

Wild Dogs team first day in Vancouver

But W’s global expansion plans don’t stop at Vancouver: recently they set up a joint venture branch in Singapore as well. 「W.AI」is future vision-focused company, dedicated to brand big data operation and AI business program development. As for Wild Dog Knights, rumor has it that another case of cross-border creativity is coming in June. Stay tuned!

但是W的全球扩张计划并不止于温哥华:最近他们在新加坡也设立了一个合资公司:W.AI,这是一家着眼于未来的公司,致力于品牌大数据运营和AI商用程序开发。有传言说,Wild Dog Knights在六月还有另一个跨境创意的case(案子)。请大家继续关注!

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