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THE ADFEST APP | 参加2019 ADFEST 亚太广告节?


If you’re attending ADFEST 2019 in Pattaya, Thailand this week, make sure you download the ADFEST app, which features a useful networking tool, ADFEST Connect, a live photo stream powered by VPhoto, plus our new program evaluation feature – all in one app.

如果你将出席本周在泰国芭提雅举行的2019 ADFEST亚太广告节,先下载ADFEST app吧。这款应用的核心-ADFEST Connect是由VPhoto驱动的即享照片直播技术。作为一款非常有用的社交工具,它在原有的基础上增加了评论功能,一款app轻松搞定所有活动相关事宜。

Powered by VPhoto, the app will link to a live photo stream site so you can access the festival’s photos in real-time.  You will need to turn the notifications on so as not to miss the latest updates, and you can now evaluate all the sessions and workshops you attend via the app.


“We have added lots of functionality to our app this year. As always, you can access the festival program, view all speakers and juries, finalists and winners announcements, and read the latest news from ADFEST – all at your finger tips.  But we’ve also added live photo streaming – so even if you’re not in Pattaya, but want to be there in spirit, you can use the ADFEST app to see what you’re missing,” says Kem Suraphongchai, Festival Director at ADFEST.

“今年,这款app新增了很多功能。和之前一样,你可以通过它了解活动流程,演讲人和嘉宾信息,决赛和获奖名单的宣布,以及最新的新闻 – 全部通过指尖在手机屏幕上即可搞定。此外,今年我们新增了实时照片直播功能 –  即使你不身处芭提雅,但是想要共襄盛事,可以通过这款ADFEST应用身临其境。”亚太广告节总监Kem Suraphongchai介绍道。

ADFEST Connect – the festival’s exclusive networking tool – is accessible here or via the ADFEST app, downloadable here. It is designed to help delegates forge connections before and during ADFEST 2019, which runs from 20th to 23rd March at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand.

活动特有的社交工具- ADFEST Connect 可供下载(下载地址),或者通过ADFEST app也可使用。它旨在帮助参加者在广告节前后建立联系。本届的亚太广告节将于3月20日-23日在芭提雅皇家克利夫酒店举行,为期三天。

“We launched ADFEST Connect in 2017, and due to popular demand, we have brought it back every year since. The tool makes it easy for people to make connections and set up meetings, coffee or drinks with potential collaborators. ADFEST respects the privacy of its delegates, so emails will obviously not be made public unless you opt in and send messages to others. If another delegate contacts you, they will only see the email icon and your name when they send you messages, but never your email address until you reply to their email,” explains Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST.

“2017年,我们发布了ADFEST Connect技术,由于大受欢迎,之后的每年这款应用都会跟大家见面。它能帮助大家更轻松地和潜在合作者建立联系,安排会议,见面喝咖啡或者聊天喝酒。ADFEST尊重每一位用户的隐私,所有的电邮地址都不会对大众所见,除非你自己决定公开。如果某一位参与者给你发信息,他只会看到邮箱的标识和你的名字。一旦你回信给他,他才能看到你的邮箱地址。” 亚太广告节总监Jimmy Lam 解释道。

ADFEST Connect allows you to search for other delegates by name, company, city or country and send them an email to see if they’d like to meet up. The tool is available to all registered delegates of ADFEST 2019: your Username is simply your Delegate ID, which you’ll receive as part of your Delegate Confirmation, while your Password is your Last Name. If you have registered, but have not received your Delegate Confirmation, please contact:


All confirmed delegates will be shown in the listing, however you can only send messages to delegates who have opted to join ADFEST Connect. Simply login to ADFEST Connect and join (or remove yourself) via the Profile & Setting page.

所有确认过的与会者将会在名单中显示,但是你只能联系到那些同意使用ADFEST Connect的用户。简单几步,轻松注册ADFEST Connect, 你可以在主页和设置页面加入(或者移除)信息。

ADFEST 2019 runs from 20th – 23rd March at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand with the theme “TMRRW.TDAY”. To book tickets or find out more about registration fees and packages, visit

2019亚太广告节将于3月20日-23日在泰国芭提雅皇家克利夫酒店举行,本届的主题是“今日和明日”。你可以通过 网站预订门票,了解更多活动登记费用信息。


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