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Chinese ads post “one-child” policy|后“独生子女”时代的中国广告


Four years after China abandoned its “one child policy”, car brand Weima dares to touch the topic of extended family directly in its two recent advert campaigns. Tianyukong, the agency behind the ads, thought up of two very different angles to promote a more spacious car. The first is a 2 minutes spot that starts with an extended family walking down a street, when they stop to look at a pretty dress in a window shop. But nothing can prepare you for what happens next, as the father starting to rap the lines “Oh, this dress is so pretty, let’s have a daughter, so we can buy it for her”. “One child is hard enough to raise”,— responds the mother, also in a rap.

中国结束“独生子女政策”已有四年,汽车品牌威马,艺高人胆大,在其近期的两部广告片中直面“生不生二胎”这个话题,对此展开了讨论。作为这两部广告片的代理商,天与空广告从两个完全不同的角度,展示了品牌大空间新车型的优势。第一部广告片以一家五口人(包括爷爷奶奶)逛街时,看到沿街橱窗里的一条好看的童裙展开。然而下一秒剧情开始魔幻,爸爸突然开始有节奏地说唱起来,张嘴就是“看这小裙子多好看,我们再生个女儿就能买来穿”, “一个就够难管了,两个谁来带” 妈妈也不示弱,跟着节奏说唱回怼回去。

Produced by HiCoolFilms, the video continue to unfold with the parents stepping into a boxing ring, conveniently close by, in the middle of the street for a full-on rap battle. The father, mother and later more characters, step in to prove their point in favor or against having a second child.  “Don’t give birth to another child, it will stop your career cold for a year”,— joins another working mother. “Have, have, have another child. Six-members family is really a full one”— contradicts the husband’s mother. The argument heats up as more participants join, and then the sound of a battle is muffled, as another extended family driving the new Weima Ex6 passes by with one child, and another empty seat. “No matter what you chose, we left a space for your future” concludes the slogan.

HiCoolFilms制片,这部短片的意外展开并没有就此结束,紧接着父母双方走上了恰好在旁边的拳击擂台,在街道正中央,开始了一场精彩的说唱对决。片中的爸爸,妈妈,以及后面出现的其他角色,一个个地走上擂台,说唱出自己支持或是反对二胎的理由。“别别别,劝你别生,生一胎工作就要停摆一年”—— 另一位职场妈妈也加入了进来。“生生生,就是要生,六口之家才是完美的配置”—— 婆婆也跳上了擂台,奋力反击。而双方的对决也随着加入的人越来越多而逐步白热化,突然热闹的说唱音量骤减,原来另一家人驾驶着崭新的威马Ex6汽车缓缓驶过,车里也是一家五口一个孩子,但还有留一个空位,短片以广告语“无论你如何选择,我们都为你的未来留出空间”结尾。

The commercial film might leave you with a lot of questions, but it does capture your attention. At some point a group of hip dressed youngsters jump into the ring, but it doesn’t seem to justify a somewhat questionable form of a rap battle between the ordinary characters. The times are gone, when rap in advertising was a collateral of raving success of “Rap of China” show. It’s also doubtful, that the target consumers, who will pay estimated 190-288K RMB for the Weima new model really are the right audience for a rapped commercial film.


The first film is a stark contrast to the other angle used for the brand’s second film which uses a more documentary style video to promote the family SUV. In the second video, small children are asked if they would like to have a brother or a sister… with the majority responding negatively. That is until the kids have a chance to interact with small babies, and from the cute shots of kids hugging, kissing, and holding the babies, the silent message of “second child is a bliss” is delivered clearly.


Both Weima’s films surely stands out among the sea of countless cookie-cutter car commercials out there. Perhaps, the exaggerated rap film with its out of place format is exactly what allows the brand to raise the sensitive topic of second child, which is a triggering one for many Chinese families. The human toll of over 3 decades-long “one child policy” has been immense, most visibly causing a dramatic gender imbalance, rapidly aging population, and a whole generation of “little emperors”.  On the other hand, the end of the policy in 2016 is not working as policymakers would have hoped, so far failing to boost birth. Decades of economic growth and urbanization have changed the country’s culture: women are working, raising a child is expensive, and young generation has very individualistic priorities. Last year new births reportedly dropped to the lowest level since the Great Chinese Famine in the early 1960s. This November, a once-in-a-decade National census will be held, offering the most accurate picture of China’s demographic situation. It’s not entirely unlikely scenario, that there will be stronger propaganda of “two children” families, and we’ll also see more ads reflecting that. For now, the trailblazing Weima commercial daringly tests the waters.




Client 客户: 威马汽车

Executive Creative 执行创意总监:贺师洋

Production 制作方:HiCoolFilms嗨酷传媒

Executive Producer 监制:Jonathan Zhang、Hunter Huang

Director 导演: Kevin Lee

DOP 摄影指导:标、黎振豪

Art 美术:Junta Hou 侯富贵

Offline 剪辑:波波

TC:许维达(8G studio)

Online:8G Studio

Music 音乐:磐时文化

Mix: Fantasy Music Studio(非凡音乐)


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