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ADFEST is now selling tickets to next year’s festival, which runs from 20th March to 23rd March 2019 at PEACH Royal Cliff Resort, Pattaya, Thailand.

目前,明年ADFEST的入场门票正在热卖中,该活动计划于2019年3月20日至3月23日在泰国芭堤雅的蜜桃皇家克里夫度假酒店(PEACH Royal Cliff Resort)举行。

Choose between Full Delegate, Young Delegate (for those 28 or under) and Student packages for the full four-day festival, or either of two streams: Craft@ADFEST on 20th – 21st March, or Creative@ADFEST on 22nd – 23rd March. Each package includes access to seminars and workshops, exhibitions and screenings, parties, and a festival welcome kit. If you have a four-day or Creative@ADFEST delegate pass, you can also attend ADFEST’s gala award ceremonies on 22nd and 23rd March.

在这四天的活动中,观众有购票时有两种选择方式,一是按照门票类型进行选择,二是选择不同主题。门票类型有:完全代表(Full Delegate),年轻代表(Young Delegate,28周岁或以下)和学生票。主题为:3月20日至21日的ADFEST手工场(Craft@ ADFEST)和3月22日至23日的ADFEST创意场(Creative@ADFEST)。每种类型门票均可参加研讨会和动手创意课程、展览和电影放映、节日聚会及欢迎礼包。如果观众持有的是四日通票或者选择参加ADFEST创意场活动,观众还可参加3月22日和23日的ADFEST颁奖庆典。

Vinit Suraphongchai, Chairman of ADFEST, says: “ADFEST is a non-for-profit organization and we believe passionately in our role to nurture and support the creative industry by offering discounted tickets for students and younger creatives who are just beginning their careers. Anyone who has attended ADFEST knows that the atmosphere is uniquely friendly and approachable – it doesn’t matter if you’re Grand Jury President or an ECD or a junior creative. Everyone is equal and welcome to share their ideas at ADFEST.”

ADFEST主席Vinit Suraphongchai表示:“ADFEST是一个非营利组织,我们致力于于培养和支持在创意产业打拼的职场新人、青年学生和创意人士。我们愿意为他们提供折扣门票。不论你是大陪审团主席、创意执行总监(ECD)或创意产业职场新,任何一位参加过ADFEST的人都了解我们非常平和友好的氛围,这与身份无关。ADFEST欢迎每个人的创意和想法,在这里每个人都是平等的。”

For the first time, ADFEST has introduced the Family Pass, which allows family members of registered delegates to attend ADFEST’s infamous social functions. Only family members of registered delegates are eligible, and the Family Pass excludes access to seminars, workshops and exhibitions.

这一次ADFEST将首次推出家庭通票(Family Pass)。这使得注册代表的家属可以参加ADFEST的社交活动。需要注意的是,只有注册后的代表家属可以参加,且改通票不包含研讨会、动手创意课程和展览。

The Craft@ADFEST stream will dive deep into the latest production, digital, content and technology trends, while elevating the role of producers, directors, digital creators and VFX artists by celebrating their craft.


Creative@ADFEST is all about creativity – the DNA of ADFEST – and will focus on inspiring and pushing the boundaries of the creative and communications industry in the region.


The theme of ADFEST 2019 is “TMRRW.TDAY” – an empowering theme designed to arm creative professionals with the insights they need to shape a better future today. By bringing together an eclectic mix of world-leading creators and disruptors to present or host workshops, ADFEST 2019 will inspire you to evolve, experiment, throw out the old, and re-skill for the future.

ADFEST 2019的主题是“TMRRW.TDAY” 。这是一个充满力量的主题,同时也是一个能武装创意专业人士为他们提供全新灵感、为从业人士塑造美好未来的主题。ADFEST 2019通过大量邀请的不同世界领先的创意人士出席活动甚至主持实操创意课程,来为从业人士提供创意、实验、验新和重塑的平台。

ADFEST 2019’s online registration system is now live: for more details about registration fees and packages, or to book tickets, click here

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