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Blockbuster chicken: Dicos new ad | 一鸣惊人的炸鸡:德克士新广告


Forensics Dicos 法医德克 – EP1

Three-episodes ad “Forensics Dicos” went online May 6th. To us, it’s a totally different approach to advertising and it seems have worked really well; the spot generated almost a million views within only one day on the brand’s official Wiebo alone. Dicos’ ambitious aim is to differentiate itself from KFC, which introduced the now ubiquitous fried chicken to China in 1987.  To tackle this the brand entrusted Goodzilla to create an ad with all the right elements to go viral.


It’s weird, it’s made in best traditions of film noir and suspense, it’s filled with black humor and absurd conflicts. And, it works: each episode in the series introduces one of the three main selling points of the brand’s fried chicken in an unusual way.


Forensics Dicos 法医德克 – EP2

Chicken forensic expert and his human assistant work together in the films to solve a “chicken homicide” case. This inevitably leads to small conflicts as the assistant can’t help but say something inappropriate while drooling at the crime scene; fried chicken just looks so good. According to creative director Hesky, they wanted to find an interesting angle to introduce reasons to buy in a fun way. Creating a chicken forensic expert to investigate why people are so in love with eating fried chicken seemed like a fresh idea.


The result is anything but boring, and possibly even a bit controversial – in the end, the plot makes Dicos the killer! Some netizens comment that connecting food and forensics in an ad is a bit uncomfortable, but overall, the mini-series received positive feedback on creativity with 84,000 people discussing the ad in Weibo by hashtag #法医德克#. It’s enough views and comments to truly label the film ‘viral’. It’s unusual to see such daring creative approved in China, and we found the approach of the spot particularly interesting. It might be that the success of a film like this will lead to even more bold creative to come.


Forensics Dicos 法医德克 – EP3


Brand | 品牌: Dicos 德克士

Agency | 广告公司:: Goodzilla 意类

Art director | 艺术总监: Hesky Lu 赫斯基 陆

Director 导演: mong


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