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Aussie Post House Fin Design Opens Shanghai Facility


Fin Design, a boutique Australian post-production and visual effects company, recently launched a new office in Shanghai. The company marked the occasion with a party attended by over 100 industry guests.

Fin joins American company Technicolor and Digital District from France as a foreign post house in Shanghai in addition to a growing number of local post facilities already established here. With the Chinese advertising market growing and clients finding less time and money to spend on post work abroad, the demand for new good post houses in China is undeniable. Nevertheless, the future of Fin Design is already debated amongst industry insiders, especially since it’s been difficult for other foreign postproduction companies in China. After the closing of POP, Smoke & Mirrors and Pixomondo’s Shanghai offices, Fin Design has to manage to find their footing to be another step forward in the evolution of Shanghai as a post-production hub in Asia.


SHP+ recently toured the Fin Shanghai facility, a stylish three-story colonial villa in the Former French Concession near the offices of JWT, Ogilvy and W&K. Executive producer Billy Becket introduced their accomplished team relocated from Australia who was already working on a Peugeot 3008 brand commercial commissioned by a Shanghai-based production company. The team includes senior flame artist Michael Smith and head of 3D/CGI Tom Corbett. Fin’s color grading partner Ben Eagleton (BE) has installed Nikola Stefanovic—recently of Technicolor Shanghai—as a full-time colorist. Becket also expects to draw upon the full resources of the Sydney office, installing a very fast fibre connection that will not be subject to the usual ups and downs of the Chinese Internet, so their teams in Sydney and Shanghai can collaborate in real time. Between this and the relocation of a talented foreign team,

Fin is really showing their business optimism and commitment to the region.


澳大利亚著名的后期制作和视觉特效公司Fin Design最近在上海开设了新工作室,正式宣布入驻中国。在开业的庆祝派对上有过百位的行业嘉宾到场庆祝。

在FIN成立之前,美国的Technicolor和法国的Digital District已经抢先在上海成立了分公司,与不断增长的本土后期公司竞争。随着中国广告业的发展,客户专门跑到国外做后期的时间和预算也越来越少,外国后期公司在中国开设工作室似乎是势在必然。但是,业内人士对FIN这样的国外后期在中国的发展还不太乐观。曾经尝试在中国一展拳脚的POP、Smoke & Mirrors和Pixomondo等几家国外公司相继结束撤出中国就是前车之鉴,Fin必须在设法找到自己的立足点,在发展迅速的中国广告制作行业里要先人一步才不会重蹈复辙。

SHP+还参观了FIN的上海工作室。它位于前法租界一幢时尚的三层小洋房里,离智威汤逊,奥美和W&K等的4A广告公司不远。执行制片人Billy Becket说,驻上海的人员基本是从澳大利亚团队过来的,现在上海公司已经开始“标致3008”新广告的后期工作了。上海的团队包括了资深FLAME操作师Michael Smith, 3D/ CGI 的负责人Tom Corbett和全职调色师Nikola Stefanovic,后者原来在Technicolor上海工作,后被Fin的 合作伙伴Ben Eagleton (BE)“请”到了FIN上海。

Billy Becket听说中国的带宽一向非常“跌宕起伏”,因此专门安装了极速光纤,让悉尼和上海团队可以实时协作,充分利用悉尼总部资源。从这种种的投入显示了 FIN对中国业务的乐观和承诺。

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