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Amber’s Mogujie Series Breaks Records



The final film in the series of Mogujie’s advertising saga “Tales of a Fashion Buyer” (TFB) was released on 28 October and brought the total number of views for the series up to an impressive 200 million, averaging around 10 million per day.

《解忧买手店》由上海琥珀传播为时尚电子商务网站与社区蘑菇街精心打造,上线后成为了10月收视的黑马,连续6天上榜单日网剧TOP 10,跻身最成功的网络广告之一。

Created by Amber Shanghai for China’s largest online fashion retail & community Mogujie, “Tales of a Fashion Buyer” was in the Top 10 most-viewed online shows for 6 consecutive days making the dark-horse series one of the most successful online advertisements ever.



As China’s largest online fashion retail & community, Mogujie aims to help their target audience of 90s young women solve the problem of what to wear. Amber’s research showed that these young women used video apps the most, so decided to create a web series to help suggest the “right” clothing in a film format. Bringing in ultra famous celebrity Li Yifeng as the protagonist definitely added to the appeal of the advertising idea.

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The series (chosen out of 50 script ideas) consists of 5 episodes, each of which centers on a favourite theme of the targeted generation: horror, time-travel, love story and school/university life. The series was helmed by Taiwanese director Fan Yangzhong.  Filming for all 5 episodes, as well as KVs and a TVC for China’s Singles’ Day online shopping holiday on 11 November was completed in only 6 days due to weather, locations and the actors’ availability. A lot of effort was put in by the team to hit the schedule of releasing a new episode on every Wednesday and Friday along with the trailers for the following episode. The well-timed result kept the audience interested throughout the series.



Amber took the approach of promoting TFB as one would a new TV Series, teasing fans with “a New Film from Li.” Online and offline posters appeared before the release to drum up attention. Mogujie App then also opened a new store with a dedicated fashion buyer who interacts with customers, showing them how to dress well. The app also found that the clothing featured in each new episode released, immediately became popular, taking sales through the roof.

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The unusual format, combined with well-placed research, a great execution and empowered by Li, landed Amber and Mogujie with an incredible advertising success.

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