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Alt.VFX重磅打造雪佛兰全新广告特效 | Stand out visual effects by Alt.VFX in Chevrolet’s latest TVC



Shanghai based production company Black and Cameron executed Chevorlet’s latest spot for the launch of its new Trax small SUV in China.  The four day shoot took place in Xin’Jiang Province and Shanghai. Post production was completed by visual effects house Alt.VFX in its Brisbane location, which took around six weeks to finish.

广告由Bullit公司的Anthony Leonardi III为麦肯集团执导,开篇展示了一匹颇具未来特色的机械马匹高速飞跃新疆托克逊沙漠的画面,而后这匹马摇身一变,变成了一辆崭新的Trax SUV。

Directed by Bullit’s Anthony Leonardi III for McCANN, the spot begins with the image of a futuristic, robotic horse galloping at high speed through the Toksun Desert in Xin’Jiang Province, before it transforms into the new Trax.


视觉特效监制Colin Renshaw先参与了新疆的实景拍摄,接着Alt团队便开始设计、绑定与制作机械马的动画。团队透过实体棚内拍摄将骏马变身为车子的画面串接起来,再在电脑上制出天气变化,创造更加戏剧化的视觉效果。

According to Alt.VFX after VFX Supervisor Colin Renshaw attended the shoot on China, the Alt team began designing, rigging and animating the mechanical horse, and working with live action plates, working to handle the transformation shots between the horse and the car.

Alt团队采用CG技术制作了车子周身的水滴特效,车子冲破水滴,疾驰驶入隧道。MyLink 系统(由Alt设计合作伙伴New Holland打造)的灯光特效也是由Alt团队完成的,城市街道点亮,一如流淌的血液穿过人体脉搏。片子的结尾则巧妙地展示出车子的技术含量,跟现代设备互通连接。

Alt’s used its CG expertise to create the effect of water droplets forming around the car as it eventually breaks through the beads of water and cruises into a tunnel. The team also animated the lighting effects for the MyLink section (designed by Alt’s design partners, New Holland) where the city’s streets are rapidly lit like blood rushing through human veins.  The ending insinuates the cars technological capabilities and connectivity to other modern conveniences.


致谢名单| Credits:
广告公司 | Agency: 麦肯广告 McCANN
广告监制 | Production Company: 黑开唛广告公司 Black and Cameron
导演 | Director: Anthony Leonardi III
监制 | EP: Tao Wright
客户 | Clients: SGM Chevrolet
配乐 | Music: Human
剪辑 | Editor: Matt Osborne
视觉特效制作 | VFX: Alt.vfx
VFX监制 | VFX Supervisor: Colin Renshaw
VFX 执行 | VFX Producer: Celeste Fairlie

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