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AKQA and GUM put the beat behind NIKE React | 雅酷携手GUM打造耐克“任我去跑”


Music is often an integral part of a runners’ motivation and routine. As such, Nike took the opportunity during its latest global footwear release, Nike React, to incorporate audio storytelling into the campaign. Together, AKQA creative agency and GUM music house, created three immersive, audio stories where original music was paired to voice overs of two NIKE runners, Liang Jinsheng and Ge Manqi, and one musician, Li Ronghao.

音乐往往都是跑者不可或缺的动力来源。因此,耐克最新的全球跑鞋广告也抓住了音乐的力量,Nike React通过音乐来讲述故事。雅酷创意机构GUM音乐制作联手打造了三部沉浸式的语音跑者故事,原创音乐与旁白融合在一起,运动员葛曼棋、梁劲生和歌手李荣浩倾力献声。

Ge Manqi 葛曼棋

The distinctly different music tracks and stories are meant to guide runners in their athletic journey. “Each ‘story run’” the AKQA team shared, “reveals an engrossing narrative in which the runner plays an active participant. Run the same route. Choose a different episode. Experience a different story. The possibilities are limitless. Enabling runners to rediscover the passion for the same streets they’ve run a thousand kilometers over.”


The three audio stories were released on QQ Music over the course of seven weeks starting on March 9th and leading up to ‘Go Day’ on April 22nd, QQ’s Music Festival Celebration Run, which also was timed on Earth Day.



From the creative team’s perspective it was challenging to imagine and visualize an ‘invisible’ experience. The AKQA team had to ask “how do we tell a purely visual story and make it come to life solely through music and SFX? Can we make an experience ‘immersive’ simply through audio and inspire runners to break through their running limits?”


For music house GUM, the project required a three-month time devotion. After the three voice overs were recorded the team of composers, music producers, sound engineers and designers worked diligently together to perfect the total sixty minutes of original music needed for the campaign. In the end, six composers, two based in Shanghai and four in Paris, were needed to keep this music-heavy project on track. It was one of GUM’s biggest budget and time consuming projects since opening in China four years ago.

Liang Jinsheng 梁劲生


AKQA shared “this project required super close collaboration between Nike x AKQA x GUM. We’re super lucky to have had the opportunity to explore new territories that allowed and challenged us to step into terrains unexplored. Sometimes our limitations are actually a blessing in disguise. It led us to a creative solution that didn’t duplicate or overlap with other parts of the campaign but instead amplified and enhanced it by offering another dimension”.



Credits 制片团队

Client | 客户: NIKE
Agency | 广告: AKQA, Shanghai 雅酷上海
Executive Creative Director | 执行创意总监: Eric Cruz
Associate Creative Director | 创意副总监: Derek Lui
Senior Art Director | 高级艺术指导: Meeyee Foong
Script Writer | 脚本: Daisy Liu, Miranda Yuan
Copy Writer | 文案: Achur Chen, Ines Li
Designer |设计: Sia Song, Jochen Wang, Cheng Zi
Project Manager | 项目经理: Viola Ping
Senior Account Director | 高级客户总监: Ken Chen
Account Manager | 客户经理: Marvin Yan
Social Team | 社交媒体团队: Kaysee Jeng, Ceci Hu

Illustration | 插画:

Group KV
Photographer | 摄影: Jedi Zhou
Illustrator | 插画师: Shotopop UK & Amanacliq Shanghai
Album Cover 1 | 专辑封面1: Run with Li Ronghao:
Photographer | 摄影: Jedi Zhou
Illustrator | 插画师: Magdiel Lopez
Album Cover 2 | 专辑封面2: Run with Liang JinSheng:
Photographer | 摄影: Jedi Zhou
Illustrator | 插画师: Dan Matutina
Album Cover 3 | 专辑封面3: Run with Ge Manqi:
Illustrator | 插画师: Egle Zvirblyte, Amanacliq Shanghai

Music | 音乐:

GUM Shanghai
Executive Producer | 监制: Thomas Faucheur
Producers | 制片: Fabien Langard & Ronald Qiu
Assistant Producer | 助理制片: Man Jiahao
Sound Designers/Engineers |混音: Fabien Langard, Ronald Qiu and Man Jiahao
Music Composers | 作曲: Stephane Prin, Alain Governatori, Damien Salençon, Charles Caste & Fabien Langard
Studio Recording & Mixing | 录音&混音:GUM Shanghai


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