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A “simple” ad by Centrum


善存最新的形象片由25小时广告公司代理,上海制作公司WE(我们)在新加坡导演Melvin Mak在澳大利亚墨尔本制作拍摄。

Centrum’s newest spot was created by advertising agency 25HOURS and produced by Shanghai-based production company WE. It was directed by Singaporean director Melvin Mak and filmed on location in Melbourne, Australia.


Unlike many of the usual Centrum ads where the product’s benefits are the main focus, this ad turns that on its head, and portrays the simple life, showing different age groups doing different exercises and enjoying life.

善存30秒TVC | Centrum 30s TVC


Melbourne’s simple lifestyle, centred around its beautiful outdoors scenery and pastoral countryside, correlated well with Centrum’s demands for “simple healthy lifestyle”. And it was in keeping with the director’s vision for the piece’s outdoor activities.

img_1999图片由WE制作提供 | Image courtesy of WE production

5月的墨尔本天气变化莫测,甚至连天气预报都无法精准报道。这给勘景和拍摄造成了极大的挑战。摄制组花费了三天时间进行勘景,只有在海边的一天是晴天。Tanya告诉SHP+,摄制组在勘山顶时恰逢大雾,“我们什么都看不见制作组只能凭由方位及经验判断光线的时间从而制定拍摄计划 。”

However, the weather in Melbourne in May is pretty unpredictable, and it was impossible to know the exact weather for even just the next day. This gave rise to some pretty big challenges for both scouting and shooting. The team spent three days continuously scouting on the coast and only got one day of sun. Tanya told SHP+ that at the top of the mountain, they were constantly surrounded by cloud. “The Australian producer could describe what the scenery was like to the director, but we could do was imagine it.”

wechatimg7图片由WE制作提供| Image Courtesy of WE Production



But when it came time to shooting, things couldn’t have been more different On the top of the mountain, there wasn’t a cloud in sight – but – at the coast it was continuous rain. Luckily, the sun appeared finally for one and a half hours in the morning, and the team managed to squeeze most of their surfing shots into this tiny window.The team  for this scene was really small, which helped as well, only a camera operator, director, assistant director, actors, producer, and the local producer.

According to Tanya, “the water was close to freezing, we were all wearing padded jackets. I really admired our two actors, they were very dedicated, going into the water time and again.”

img_0742图片由WE制作提供| Image Courtesy of WE Production


The changeable weather put a lot of pressure on the team. With the delivery day getting closer and closer, the team could only rely on the local producer’s descriptions for many of the filming locations. “Everyday we were gambling with the weather,” said Tanya, “but our luck was that every time we gambled right.”

img_1397图片由WE制作提供| Image Courtesy of WE Production

片子一经推出,立刻引起了热烈反响,连片中的音乐都成为了人们关注的一部分。这首名为Partner in Crime的歌曲为善存带来了全新的形象。“以往善存的音乐选择都很清新、温暖,不够有力量。”Tanya说,“这首Partner in Crime是由Melvin导演亲自挑选的,配上画面后恰如其分的展现出片子的活力。”

Once the ad was out, it immediately garnered great reactions, and there was a lot of buzz on social media about the music. The song “Partner in Crime” brought a whole new image to Centrum. “The music used by Centrum in the past was always very warm and cosy, it didn’t have the energy,” Tanya said. “’Partner in Crime’ was Melvin’s own suggestion for the music, and pairing it with the footage really brings out the refreshing, energetic feel of this ad.”


Without the restricitions which come from promoting a product, the directors’s cut version becomes visually more interesting.

善存形象宣传片导演剪辑版 | Centrum Director’s Cut


  • 广告公司:25小时
  • 制作公司:WE
  • 执行制片人Tanya
  • 制片人:Jeff(澳大利亚)
  • 导演:Melvin Mak(新加坡)
  • 1st AD:Suiyen Hong(马来西亚)
  • 摄影指导:Brad(澳大利亚)
  • 摄影师:Dan Carr(澳大利亚)
  • 艺术指导:Jessica(澳大利亚)
  • 化妆师:Tiffany(台湾)
  • 服装师:Noreen (台湾)
  • 后期制作:Red Whiskers
  • 特效总监:Mi Nong
  • 线下剪辑:Dean
  • 音乐:Smile


  • Agency:25 Hrs
  • Production:WE
  • EP:Tanya
  • Producer:Jeff(Australia)
  • Director:Melvin (Singapore)
  • 1st AD:Suiyen Hong(Malaysia)
  • DP:Brad(Australia)
  • Gaffer:Dan Carr(Australia)
  • Art Director:Jessica(Australia)
  • Make Up:Tiffany(Taiwan)
  • Costume:Noreen (Taiwan)
  • Post Production:Red Whiskers
  • VFX Supervisor:Mi Nong
  • Offline:Dean
  • Sound Studio:Smile

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