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A Bright Future for China at Cannes


中国广告界幼狮摘金|China’s Young Lions Take Gold

今年有6只来自大中华地区的广告队伍加入了幼狮奖的争夺行列中。其中来自上海智威汤逊的队伍(Anna Yang和赵娴,文案)成功在设计奖项中夺得金牌。来自BBDO香港的队伍在平面奖项中获得银牌。

ROM12770Anna Yang与赵娴在颁奖现场|Anna Yang and Hsien Chao at the announcement of Young Lions

This year, six teams from Greater China participated in the Young Lions competition, with a team from JWT Shanghai (Hsien Chao and Anna M Yang, both copywriters) winning Gold in Design, and a team from BBDO Hong Kong winning Silver in Print. 

ROM12767Anna Yang与赵娴在颁奖现场|Anna Yang and Hsien Chao at the announcement of Young Lions

戛纳创意节主席宣布2017年将举办“中国日”|Cannes Chairman announces China Day at Cannes 2017


Adquan’s Chinese gathering on the lawn in front of the Grand Hotel was the stage for a sweltering afternoon of discussion, regrouping and team building.

戛纳创意节主席Terry Savage加入了本次的讨论。他透露明年2017年戛纳创意节将包括一个“中国日”的活动,并且主办方在考虑搭建一个中国新技术展示平台。因此他鼓励来自中国的代表们立刻开始着手准备:“能在戛纳展示来自中国的东西,这样的机会难得。”如果任何人或公司有兴趣与戛纳创意节合作的话可以直接发邮件联系

Lions Chairman Terry Savage, dropped in midway through to unveil news that Cannes 2017 will include a ‘China Day’ and that a China tech pavilion is under consideration.  With that in mind, he urged the delegation to start thinking ahead, “It’s a great opportunity in the next 12 months… to look forward to using Cannes as a showcase”, and that anyone interested in cooperating should get in touch directly (




Savage explained that this year’s festival is the biggest ever by all accounts, receiving 43,000 award submissions including 1200 from Mainland China, an all time record for the country. 

However, Chinese delegates appear to have decreased in number, from 330 in 2015 to 200 this time around, and again making up a tiny fraction of the total 15,400 festival delegates. Savage’s brief address seemed designed to steel the resolve of a depleted group eager to see China’s industry shine on the world stage but stuck for answers of how best to get there.

_DSC0574戛纳创意节主席Terry Savage|Terry Savage, Chairman, Cannes Lion


He emphasized that China had much to be positive about.  Firstly, the world is looking eastward, “Five years ago, there wasn’t a lot of interest in the content from China, but there’s been a very big switch.  They’re interested in your innovation, your technology, your social media platforms, your mobile.  It’s no longer people talking about China copying from us, now they’re saying ‘let us copy from China’.  That’s the sort of mind shift that you can exploit over the coming years.” 


He played down China’s slim Lions pickings as a bump in an otherwise extremely promising ascent in recent times, “China’s performed here exceptionally over the last couple of years.  It’s been a quieter year this year in terms of Lions won but, especially now that you are consumer-facing in terms of your economic development program, China is going to be a creative powerhouse.  In my mind there is no question about that whatsoever. You just have to have the confidence to do it, go for it and you will achieve it.”


The first step, he said, is simple, “If you want to make the world’s best work, you must know what the world’s best work looks like… go into the Palais, see the work, get inspired and understand the difference between great work and work that isn’t great.”

中国评审分享评审体验|China’s Jurors Share Insights


The jury members from China-based agencies, Peter Shen (CCO Greater China, Cheil PengTai), Amber Liu (VP, LEO Digital Network) and Norman Tan (North Asia CCO & China Chairman, JWT Shanghai) joined the event to share their reflections on the judging process. SHP+ asked the jurors for their thoughts on why China based agencies are picking up so few awards. Below is a selection of their insights.


  • 我们发展太快了,很难有时间冷静去考虑问题。第一眼看上去眼花缭乱,但仔细想一想着跟品牌的联系到底是什么,或者说这个新技术有没有真的运用到这个合适的领域。我们应该静下心来做东西,把眼花缭乱的东西先放一放。形成有价值的东西。


  • We are developing so fast that we don’t have enough time to contemplate. The dazzling works and new tech may seem impressive…but what is the connection between that and the brand? Were these new technologies placed in the correct place?  We need to knuckle down, put the dazzle aside and make some truly valuable work.

– Amber Liu, VP, LEO Digital Network: Mobile Lions

_DSC0554利欧数字副总裁刘阳与劳博,广告门创始人兼CEO|Amber Liu, VP, Leo Digital and Lao Bo, founder and CEO of Adquan

  • 优秀作品还是来自客户的品味。中国市场环境压力太大,要帮客户build实际生意,所以大家会采用比较快速的方法来应对,所以作品创意深度相对较浅。
  • 有的中国广告奖项更注重实效性——社交功能是比较多。而戛纳对于实效性并不在意。
  • 我们送出来的作品都是黑漆漆的作品,要不就是出车祸,要不就是大龄剩女,小孩拐卖……


_DSC0590利欧数字副总裁刘阳与李三水,W公司创意总监|Amber Liu, VP, Leo Digital and Li Sanshui, Creative Director of W

  • The taste of the client is central in the creation of the work [in China]. The pressure is huge.  We have to help our clients to build their business. Most will choose a direct and quick way to do this, which results in a lower level of creativity.
  • Some Chinese awards are more focused on effectiveness – more of a socially-focused, socially-functional thing – whereas Cannes doesn’t take effectiveness into consideration.
  • The work [China] sent to Cannes is all really dark – either it’s car accidents, leftover women, or missing children.

– Peter Shen, CCO Greater China, Cheil PengTai: Direct Lions

_DSC0558沈翔,杰尔鹏泰大中华区首席创意官|Peter Shen, CCO Greater China, Cheil PengTai






_DSC0602陈耀福,智威汤逊上海北亚区首席创意官兼中国区主席|Norman Tan, North Asia CCO & China Chairman, JWT Shanghai Print Jury

[Chinese submissions] are not good enough (in Print lions category). Looking at the award winning entries and seeing how different they are from the Chinese ones. What the juries are looking for is a fresh new angle and a certain insight. Without an insight, you cannot move people and it doesn’t matter how well you executed the idea. We’ve been trying to surpass the foreign industry by following what’s hot and what they do, but they always have better things to offer. The only solution to this is that we make something that other countries would feel “Wow, I can’t make something like that” and that’s when we have a shot.

This is a show for the creative people.  Chinese mobile and digital is very advanced and popular among the population but not necessarily the most creative… it is done for the local market, it is more meaningful for China.  You never think about Cannes. 

We will win, but still have some barriers. Language can be an issue.  What we really need is a few big campaigns that are popular globally.

The opinions among jurors varies, especially when choosing the award-winning work. Sometimes I feel like there were four chairmen among our jury of 16…sometimes the jury was harsh for no reason. We judged strictly at the beginning and when there was not enough work for Gold or Silver, we went back into the shortlisted works. The difference between a Gold and Silver isn’t that big.

—Norman Tan, North Asia CCO & China Chairman, JWT Shanghai Print Jury

_DSC0601陈耀福,智威汤逊上海北亚区首席创意官兼中国区主席|Norman Tan, North Asia CCO & China Chairman, JWT Shanghai Print Jury



The work that tells the bravest stories will win.  Every time you try to prove how smart you are, that’s not really advertising, that’s just proving yourself as a clever creative.  But when you tell a story and take risks when others can’t, then you’re rewarded.

– Victor Manggunio, CCO, Leo Burnett China

Victor万伟达,李奥贝纳中国首席创意官|Victor Manggunio, CCO, Leo Burnett China

_DSC0609李三水,W公司创意总监|Li Sanshui, Creative Director of W

_DSC0608龙杰琦,杰尔中国执行创意总监|Jacky Long, ECD of Cheil China

_DSC0593毛予,全景网市场总监|Mao Yu, CMO of


Other speakers throughout the afternoon included Li Sanshui (Creative Director, W), Victor Manggunio (CCO, Leo Burnett China), Mao Yu (CMO, and Jacky Long (ECD, Cheil China).

戎马广告北京即将于7月开启在上海的办公室|Agency Jung von Matt Beijing to open Shanghai office in July


Jimmy Liang, CEO of Jung von Matt Beijing, revealed at the Adquan party that the company will be opening a Shanghai office in July.  



  • 1415 – 1445 | Entertainment Forum
  • 主办方:IPCN国际传媒
  • 杨媛草(IPCN国际传媒CEO)

安索帕与优衣库John C Jay联合推出“创意的标识”

  • 1415 – 1445 | Entertainment Forum
  • 主办方:安索帕与优衣库
  • John C Jay (优衣库全球创意总裁)
  • 林友琴(安索帕全球CEO)


  • 1715 – 1745 | Entertainment Forum
  • 主办方:腾讯
  • 郑香霖 (腾讯公司副总裁)

China Presentations: Friday 24th

Watch Out! The Chinese are Coming

  • 1415 – 1445 | Entertainment Forum
  • Hosted by: IPCN Ltd.
  • Rebecca Yuancao Yang (CEO, IPCN Ltd)

Isobar Presents ‘Icons of Creativity’ with Uniqlo’s John C Jay

  • 1415 – 1500 | Lumiere Theatre
  • Hosted by: Isobar and Uniqlo
  • John C Jay (President of Global Creative, UNIQLO)
  • Jean Lin (Global CEO, Isobar)

From East To West: New Frontiers Of Content

  • 1715 – 1745 | Entertainment Forum
  • Hosted by: Tencent
  • Steven Chang (Corporate VP, Tencent)


_DSC0688Duke乐队在Youtube海滩的额表演|Duke at Youtube Beach

屏幕快照 2016-06-24 下午7.23.40 Youtube海滩|Youtube Beach

屏幕快照 2016-06-24 下午7.26.32Youtube海滩|Youtube Beach

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