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耐克广告《下个我上》背后的故事 | The story behind Nike’s ‘I got next’ TVC



China’s increasingly competitive athletics’ market forces even the biggest brands to find new and creative ways to stay relevant.  Nike has kept its spot at the top in part because of its ability to push the Chinese athletics’ market and adapt to it at the same time.  In a two minute TVC released last month Nike shows its forward thinking brand strategy. Unlike the standard storyboard in China that tries to throw as many pretty faces, perfect bodies, or celebrities in front of the camera, this commercial features two unknown but fearless and competitive young Chinese basketball players.

目标是年轻活跃的中国观众,目的就是让人们看到一个中国青少年是如何客服固有的社会压力,开启自己的英雄之旅。英雄壮志满满,敢于挑战身材高大的篮球运动员,在高中篮球决赛上,他投进制胜一球,完成了看似不可能的任务。耐克想要传达的信息巧妙地融入到短短的片子中 – 一切皆有可能,让中国的虎妈也为你感到骄傲,你要勇敢迈出第一步。I got next的主题翻译成“下个我上”,这成了中国街头篮球的口号。

Catered to a younger, active Chinese audience, the commercial takes the audience on a fast-forward hero’s journey of these two Chinese teenagers overcoming stereotypical Chinese societal and social pressures.  The young hero’s dare to challenge the bigger and taller basketball players and eventually wind up competing in the high school basketball finals where one player scores the impossible winning shot.  Nike’s message subtly screams through the captivating short story, the idea that anything is possible, even making your Chinese tiger mom proud, it simply requires taking that brave first step.  Hence the phrase ‘I got next’ translated into 下个我上is introduced into China’s streetball vernacular.


来自深圳的可谓是一个篮球天才,由他出演广告,完美地体现了耐克要传达的信息。他已经深爱着篮球,没人教他,也没人让他改变自己的态度,他就这样走进拍摄场地。W+K创意总监Shaun Sundholm还记得他当时的试镜视频,他走到镜头前,把外套随意丢给同伴,开始表演,他精神饱满,走到摄像头前说道“我叫Jason,下个我上”。而最惊艳的是,他背对着篮筐,把球从头上扔过去,球就进了。Sundholm说,”现在想想还是很兴奋,当时就知道他就是我们要找的人了”。

One of the young basketball talents from Shenzhen, Jason Li, who was selected for the TVC perfectly embodies the new audience that Nike is trying to reach with this type of message.  Jason already adored basketball and was not coached or told to change his attitude, this is simply how he walked onto the set.   W+K Creative Director Shaun Sundholm remembers watching the video the young talent submitted for his audition.  He strutted in front of the camera, literally tossed his jacket on his friend standing nearby, made a shot and then with full attitude came really close to the camera and told them, “My name is Jason and I got next”.  The best part comes after this when he takes a ball and tosses it backwards over his head and without looking makes the shot. “I still get goosebumps” Sundholm recalls, “we knew right then that this was our guy”.


In the past searching for young talent in China with a little more edgy, almost brash attitude would have been difficult.  As China’s economic landscape changes, however, so do the people and particularly the younger generations.  It’s easier now to create a commercial message that encourages youth to challenge themselves and be more active simply because Nike can cast young people that genuinely live and aspire to that sort of lifestyle.  There is nothing staged or fake about it.


而这则广告的创意、筹划、制作和后期自然少补了大量的工作。广告看起来就像在大陆所拍摄一样,但其实是春节期间在香港拍的,他们找来了香港公司ASAP协助洛杉矶制作公司Imperial Woodpecker。后期制作是整个创意阶段耗时最长的,而且不是在中国完成的,剪辑由洛杉矶的Exile和Whitehouse Post完成,最终的特效则是由Saint和MPC共同完成,Elastic则负责字幕和平面部分。

There was of course plenty of work that went into the creative, planning, production and post production.  Although the viewer is supposed to feel the action is taking place in mainland China, due to logistics the TVC was shot over Chinese New Years in Hong Kong, with ASAP as the local production company supporting LA based production company Imperial Woodpecker.  Post production was the longest part of the whole creative process, accomplished not in China but in LA with editorials from Exile and Whitehouse Post, final online and effects from Saint and MPC, and titles and graphics from Elastic.


The commercial was also released as part of a larger social campaign Nike pushed during China’s High School Basketball League (HBL) tournament.  While dedicated sports high schools and universities are still a priority of the Chinese government, the idea that kids can be students and athletes is slowly gaining traction, a concept Nike has been promoting for some time through its relationship with China’s Ministry of Education.



Star-studded commercials are certainly still extremely prevalent in China’s advertising landscape but this recent Nike commercial hints at a shift in content priority.   Perhaps it’s only natural to realize there are only so many times a brand can win consumers over with celebrity endorsements and a perfect glittery smile.  Brands, creatives and producers in the China market are beginning to find authentic individuals and relatable storytelling more effective than simply stuffing a celebrity in front of the camera with their product.


The response from Chinese consumers to Nike’s ‘下个我上’ commercial so far has been positive.  So good in fact there are already 下个我上t-shirts selling on Taobao.  These actually aren’t knock-offs either, as Nike doesn’t even sell t-shirts with this phrase in China but the fact that Taobao shops have grabbed the phrase shows how quickly Nike’s message caught on.  It’s clear the Chinese basketball fan is already eager for what Nike’s got next.


制作团队 | Credits

广告公司 | Agency: WIEDEN+KENNEDY 上海
执行创意总监 | Executive Creative Directors:Ian Toombs, Yang Yeo
耐克全球创意总监 | Global Creative Directors Nike: Alberto Ponte, Ryan O’Rourke, Dan Viens
创意总监 | Creative Directors:Terence Leong, Shaun Sundholm
艺术总监 | Art Directors:Raul Arantes, Timothy Cheng
文案 | Copywriters:Shaun Sundholm, Cook Xu, Liu Wei
全球整合制作总监 | Global Integrated Production Director:Matt Hunnicutt
整合制作总监 | Director of Integrated Production:Angie Wong
内容总监 | Head of Content:Bernice Wong
高级制片人 | Senior Producer:Molly Tait Tanen

导演 | Director:Stacy Wall
导演制片人 | Director’s Producer:Michaela Johnson
第一副导演 | 1st Assistant Director:Peter White
第一副导演(本地)| 1st Assistant Director (local): Bernie Chui
摄影指导 | Director of Photography:Peter Donahue
执行制片 | Executive Producer:Doug Halbert
制片(本地)| Producer (local): Carson Ng
制片经理 | Production Manager:Rosanna Pandolfo
制片经理(本地)| Production manager (local): Thomas Yuen
控管制片(本地)| Line Producer (local): Wolfie Wong
制作助理 | Production Assistant:Gus Edwards
香港制作支持 | Hong Kong Production support: ASAP
香港艺术指导 | Hong Kong Art Director:James Ting
时尚造型师 | Wardrobe Stylist:Julian Mei

洛杉后期制作团队 | LA Post Production

剪辑 | Editorials:EXILE
剪辑师 | Editor:Grant Surmi
剪辑助理 | Assistant Editor:Zach Kaigler
后期制作 | Post Producer:Michael Miller
执行制片 | Executive Producer:Carol Lynn Weaver
制作总监 | Head of Production:Jennifer Locke
剪辑师 | Editor:Lisa Gunning
剪辑助理 | Assistant Editor:Devon Bradbury
后期制作监制 | Post Executive Producer: Leah Carnahan
最终特效制作 | Final Online and Effects:SAINT
创意总监 | Creative Director:Rob Trent
特效制片 | VFX Producer: Kristina Thoegersen
监制 | Producer:Helen Park
最终特效制作 | Final Online and Effects:MPC(上海)
特效总监 | SFX Supervisor:Barry Greaves
制作经理 | SFX Manager:Lily Lee
制片 | Producer:Mei Lee Lim
调色 | Color:MPC
调色师 | Colorist:Mark Gethin
监制 | Executive Producer:Elexis Stearn
制片 | Producer:Rebecca Boorsma
字幕/平面设计 | Titles and Graphics:ELASTIC
艺术指导 | Art Director:Leanne Dare
动画 | Animation:Steven Do
设计 | Designer:Lynn Cho, Joyce Han
制片 | Producer:Drew Rissman
音乐(洛杉矶)| Music (LA):WE ARE WALKER
混音 | Mixer:Walker
监制 | Producer:Sara Matarazzo
制作人助理 | Asst. Producers:Jacob Piontek, Marissa Hernandez
音效设计(洛杉矶)| Sound Design (LA):HEXANY AUDIO
后期音效(洛杉矶)| Audio Post:LIME STUDIOS
混音 | Mixer:Rohan Young
混音助理 | Mixer Asst.:Ben Tomastik
监制 | Producer:Susie Boyajan
音效制作(上海)| Audio VO Production:Green United Music
制作人 | Producer:Thomas Faucheur
音效师 | Engineer:Ronald Qiu & Fabien Langard

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