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焕然广告联手Seoul Vision打造科幻广告片,呈现异彩纷呈的制作和后期 | Notable sci-fi production and post production work by Glowy Films and Seoul Vision


火星时代广告片颇具未来感,不仅让观众看到了著名科幻片中的模型,还介绍了自己丰富的业务范围。此次拍摄只用了两天,后期制作花了一个半月时间,由 郭丽华担任制片,带领Glowy Films团队完成。

This futuristic spot for the Mars Era Institute of Visual Arts takes the viewer from what looks like mock-ups of famous sci-fi thrillers to demonstrate the clients wide range of service offerings.  The two day shoot and one and a half month post production was a team effort from Glowy Films, led by Executive Producer Chris Kok.


Take a look at the final film and then peak back at the green screen images below that highlight the post production efforts. 





制作团队 Credits:

客户 Client: 火星时代实训基地 Mars Era Institute of Visual Arts


创意总监Creative Director:牛锐 Niu Rui

客户总监/制片 Client Director/Producer:陈姗 Chen Shan

导演 Director:李静波 Li Jing Bo 

总监 Supervisor:陈星佑 Sean Chen

监制 Executive Producer:郭丽华 Chris Kok

制片 Producer:吕学政(小布) Steven Lv

制片助理 Production Assistant: 肖雯君(小藏) Jayne Xiao

摄影 Cinematograher:陈志荣 Chen Zhi Rong

美术 Art Director:蓝伟烈 Lan Wei Lie

执行美术 Executive Art Director:罗迪友 Luo Di You

灯光 Lighting:阿洲师傅 A Zhou/陈化刚 Chen Hua Gang

选角 Casting:李飞 Li Fei

造型 Fashion Stylist:娟子 Juan Zi

Prop道具:何建生 He Jian Sheng

场务 Stage Supervisor:冯吉高 Feng Ji Gao

威亚 Wire:肖青海 Xiao Qing Hai


后期监制 Post Production Executive Producer:黄志威 Kobe Wong

后期制片助理 Post Production Assistant:林恒伟 Harvey Lin

后期制作公司 Post ProductionSeoul Vision

韩方后期制片 Post Producer of Seoul VisionMyron Liu

剪辑 EditorDave 


精剪 OnlineKKK


录音师 RecorderPenny

二维动画设计 2D Animator: Rock

插画师 Illustrator:沈翔云 Shen Xiang Yun 

作曲 Composer:彭濛 Peng Meng


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