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Women in China’s Creative Industry Speak Out | 中国创意产业女性心声征集

In honor of International Women’s Day earlier this month, SHP+ gathered comments and quotes from women working in China’s creative industry. We hope these words will give encouragement to the already strong and powerful presence of women working in and with China’s creative industry.


I’d say the advertising industry is probably the only one where gender symbol is blurred. You might be labeled as a devoted fighter, a hot-blooded rocker, a poet, an intelligent bigot…..But rarely you get labeled as a “female” fighter, no matter if they’re high heels or flip-flops on your feet. That’s why I’ll continue this path, and eager to see more fascinating, “de-gendered” labels appear in our industry.


“Bullying in the workplace is destructive well beyond that moment. When you bully a woman you bully her, her family and her future. Be a true sister or brother and you will inspire yourself and those around you.”



Over the years I have had the good fortune of being helped by many people and therefore I strive to give back by helping others as well. I enjoy coaching and being helpful. Especially for women, we should help and support each other. One other suggestion I would like to share: take pauses to reflect. Although the creative industry runs on an uninterrupted wheel, from time to time we need to slow down to take stock to see if we’re on the right track towards our own vision.



When I take a portrait I’m capturing that person in one exact moment of their life, there is no rendering, no stretching the truth, no polishing. What I’m attempting to do is simply uncover and show you as who you are.  And in “you” and I often see “myself”.

我拍人像,是那一刻的你,没太多烘托,也不是戏说,我拍的你,不需要我来捏,只需要打开,呈现你本来的样子。我看到 “你 ”,看到“自己”。

Words like sexism, sexual harassment, misogyny and gender discrimination are still very much alive and new words like mansplaining, manterrupting, manspreading (you get the idea) are all over the place.


But lets not give in or up and #PressForProgress. (This year’s theme)

and most importantly, celebrate how awesome you are. Always!

但是我们不能屈服,也不能放弃 #PressForProgress(今年的主题)


“The #MeToo movement is complex and it’s full of uncomfortable truths. But above all, it is defined by women giving their opinions and telling their stories. All that really matters is that these stories are being told. #MeToo is called a movement because it keeps moving. Far more than a hashtag, it’s now a conduit for unity among women. It’s contagiously spreading positive public opinion. We don’t know where it will go next. What we are seeing now is not backlash. It’s the beginning.”


I always believe that inspiration is everywhere. It is fairly important to follow what is happening in the world; yet what makes an excellent talent, woman talent specifically, is being sensitive to the moments of life. A book, a trip, a film, a quality conversation with some interesting people, even playing games with your kids…I found myself get inspired easily through these kind of activities.


I’ve noticed two interesting qualities in creative talents:


EXPOSURE, for one. “There is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV). When we talk about “creativity and innovation”, it is more about restructuring and re-creating the excited elements, and showing its value in a new way. Therefore, it is important for people who work in creative industry to step outside their comfort zone, to connect with a variety of different people and to experience a different world.


DYNAMIC, for another. It is an industry that requires extremely high level of energy. Keeping balance is the key to fight sustainably. I always encourage my team members, myself included, to work out and keep fit, as the positive energy coming from exercise maintains enthusiasm and work efficiency, which benefits everyone as well as the whole team.



“Don’t do things that are easy, unless you want to be regular, do things no men can do. Don’t settle, do more, If you are told to ask three questions only, ask ten if you need to.

I am proud to be a part of the feminine force in the creative agency at Saatchi&Saatchi. Being a person of experience, I encourage more female presence in my company as well as in this industry as a whole. I have had the pleasure of working side by side with many outstanding women throughout my career, from whom I saw nature born insightfulness and empathy. They are curious learners, persistent fighters, caring leaders, daughters, wives and mothers …they are just like me, and just like you.


The viral thing is to keep curious to the world, having the eyes of a child. As I’m a creative person, I like to glean miscellaneous small stuff through daily life, whether it is an interesting detail in a kid’s story book when I read it for my daughter, or a fun hand-written signboard in front of a little shop… feels like they are reckoning me, asking me to put them in my treasure box – so I probably would write it down in my handbook or mobile memorandum. These pieces will generate chemical reaction with each other and finally melt into one thing – your own thoughts. And one day, when you need to come up with an idea, these treasures will give back to you.


Investing in people, investing in thoughts.



The joy of creation is unparalleled when you turn a powerful and unconstrained idea into reality.

I am both a woman and an executive, and in both, I have always been intrigued by things that are delicate, intricate, graceful and chic. Working in creative agencies, such as my current firm has given me a career platform that values these things. While at the same time, outside of my work, I continue to stay true to these same things, remaining fresh and energetic by devoting plenty of time, to my personal hobbies and passions of yoga, drawing, painting.


Vivian shared a quote that has inspired her over the years | Vivian分享了一句多年来激励她的一句话

“I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… now I look around and wonder if I like them.”


Women have a lot of pressure these days to succeed in our careers. Whether it be as a corporate executive or creative freelancer or anything else in between, I try to remind myself that success and passion come in different forms and ultimately I determine what success means to me.女性追求事业成功,面临着巨大的压力。企业高管也好,自由创意人才也罢,包括任何职位在内,我总提醒自己,成功和热情不是只有一种,所以我要自己去定义成功。 

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