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The Post Production House that’s Sky Rocketing in Xiamen 厦门爆红崛起的后期制作公司


Haven’t heard of Wonderland Digital Productions yet? That’s about to change! We sit down with Pink Liao, the ambitious founder of the CG company that’s looking so far into the future, it made science fiction-style video production its specialty.

也许你现在还没听说过WDP奇境视效这家CG公司,但它很快就会为人所知。WDP创始人Pink Liao在公司未来愿景上颇具野心,将科幻小说类视频制作打造为公司的一大特色。

Wonderland Digital Production (WDP), formerly known as Wonderland Animation, always tries to go beyond the old adage «Always tell the story from the most unique angle»; instead they communicate their goals by putting an outer space metaphor in their slogan, translated as ‘The Earth’s Drama, The Moon’s Performance.’

WDP公司原来叫作奇境动画,这家公司一直想要挣脱 “从最独特的角度讲述故事” 这个传统观念,而是用带有天文色彩的口号“地球的戏,月亮来演”来实现自己的目标。

It’s this perspective that has already made WDP arguably the most successful Chinese sports advertising production company you’ve never heard of. Based in Xiamen (China’s Sports shoes factory capital), WDP has conquered 70% of the market in sports video production in the last three years from mostly direct to client jobs. Jobs that most other post houses would have loved to pitch on but didn’t even know existed due to WDP having corned that market.


Pink Liao

Founded in 2012, WDP was one of the early pioneers among advertising companies that specialized in animation marketing in China. After rebranding in 2016, the company got a new name and a new, wider scope of business approaching it 360 point of view; including CG Arts, VRFx, and Animation.

For Pink Liao, whose Chinese name features the characters «航宇» (exploring the universe), the  fascination with space is not random. «[Science fiction] speaks a lot about human beings’ curiosity about future life. I might not be able to explore space literally, but we can carry this space-exploring spirit into our territories – new visual effects and expressions».

WDP创建于2012年,是中国专注于动画营销的广告公司的早期开拓者之一。2016年公司改组之后,除了更新了名字,还全方位拓宽了业务范围,包括CG艺术、VRFx、动画等。Pink Liao的中文名字为航宇,在他看来,对于空间的想象不是随意的。“科幻小说主要讲的是人类对于未来生活的好奇。我们可能无法脚踏实地地去探索宇宙,但可以把这种探索空间的精神带到我们的领地——新视效和表达。”

Pink Liao  Client Advisor, Corporate Strategy & Producer
Liangzhen Su (left)  Program Production Group Procudure Management, Producer
Caichao Chi (Right)  Head of SP Business Department & Director

WDP feels they are now ready to put themselves into a broader market, eyeing the frontline advertising businesses in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. «Many will say, you need to be fully prepared to capture the opportunity when it presents itself. But for me, opportunity has to be created and I have to be the creator»—says Pink. He also shares that modern advertising is a battle of integrated marketing, including videos, social media hot topics, working with KOLs and more. That’s why WDP always looks for ways to present ideas in a more creative way and meet the different needs of their clients.


WDP’s client list includes: Xiamen Airlines, Xtep, Anta, Yinlu, 361°, Erke and more. When asked about the most satisfying and impressive work the team has done, Pink named a TVC for Lining. WDP’s Sports Performance Division has directly or indirectly served all the first-tier national sports brands, but Lining is a different game. Founded by China’s most famous gymnast, Li Ning is a Chinese sports business icon. The 50-sec spot WDP did for the brand showcases the properties of their Marathon series sneakers by using only visuals. WDP’s commitment to Sci-fi style visual content is also noticeable in other works they’ve done : for XTEP Kids series TVC they created futuristic worlds and storylines, and for ERKE’s ad which was set on the Moon.



ERKE 鸿星尔克

Pink shares that his career life can be compared to a Chinese fable called «Kuafu Chases the Sun»: setting a seemingly ambitious goal and breaking it down into tasks for each stage or each year. This year, WDP is aiming to keep abreast of the world’s cutting edge technologies and attain more cross-field partnerships to co-create quality works, something which matters more to Pink  than profits.



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