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The Creative Powerhouse Behind Minsheng Bank’s Massive Brand Content Push|民生银行大规模品牌内容推广背后的创意源泉


«Time is calling us» |《时代在召唤》

Recent Minsheng Bank’s video, released in time for Labor Day, is a 2.5 minutes ode to Chinese workers. To the triumphant sounds of Edit Piaf’s most famous hit, seemingly ordinary people are recorded…taking power naps on the way to work, and in between work tasks. Ending on a more serious note with a plethora of archive footage, the video sends a message that «with a labor participation rate of 76 %, China ranks first in the world». Emotional, real, and relatable, this video is actually a part of bigger 12 months content push, executed by a Xiamen-based creative house Wondering Media (舞刀弄影) almost single-handedly.

民生银行最近在五一劳动节发布了一个时长为2分半的视频,赞颂了中国的工人们。伴随着伊迪丝·琵雅芙(Edith Piaf)最著名的歌曲中那高昂的声音,视频拍摄了在上班路上积蓄能量打个盹和在工作间隙中睡觉的普通人。视频展现了大量的档案影像,以一句较严肃的话结束,它传递了一个信息:「中国人民劳动参与率达76%,居世界第⼀」。这个视频带有真情实感,能引发共鸣;它实际上是更大的内容推广(长达12个月)中的一个部分,几乎由位于厦门的创意公司舞刀弄影独家操刀执行。

Themed «Time is calling us» (“时代在召唤”), the long-term project aims to introduce Minsheng Bank’s Credit Center from a new angle and «communicate with consumers on a deeper level through real and relatable content» according to Wondering Media’s PR manager Nan Feng (南风).

For this, in addition to producing the videos, Wondering Media matched Minsheng Credit Center with H-Lab (人类实验室), it’s flagship self-media account. With more than half a million followers in Weibo alone, in other words, H-Lab is an in-house KOL developed since 2016. Influencer marketing is a big game in China where the Internet almost equals social media platforms, and creative houses often toy with the idea of establishing their own KOL instead of outsourcing one. H-Lab is one of the successful examples, that became a platform allowing Wondering Media to create more «user-oriented» commercial films, that increase awareness for brands they collaborate with and reach wider audience.



Focusing on hot social topics from a young audience’s point of view through original short videos, experiments, and interviews, H-Lab was a good match for promoting Minsheng Bank Credit Center’s «young and positive brand attitude». For this 12-months content plan, Wondering Media often goes offline introducing different forms of advertising, including a number of commercial films in the series include shooting real people interacting with situations that modeled by the creative house.


For the documentary-style video «Time ATM», they’ve built a pop-up store and invited discussions relating to time in our busy urban lifestyle, asking several people that appear in the video to answer the questions on screen, and evaluate the value of their time. They then receive a cash payment for their time documenting themselves doing things that they’ve kept putting on hold in a video. Concluding the commercial film with «In the new year, leave a little time to yourself, your loved ones, and to do things you’re passionate about».


«Time ATM»|《时间ATM》

In another video, a number of hurtful stereotypes about young people are projected on the cinema screen for a handful of participants to read out loud. The video opens a discussion on what success really is and whether having a mortgage, a car and a job with hefty salary are the only ways to measure it? Spoiler alert: its not and Minsheng Bank’s video proves this point with stories of ordinary people.


The quest to «shorten the distance between Minsheng Bank Credit Center and the audience through emotional communication» is far from over. Perhaps, along the way, it has became a little too emotional and intentionally tear-worthy, but we’ll have 6 more opportunities to see what Wondering Media invents next time.


Credits – Labor Day

Production and Creative Agency 制作兼代理公司: Wondering Media 舞刀弄影

Director/Executive Producer导演/监制:Liang Kun 梁锟

Producer 制片人:Mars Chen 陈小黑

Editor 剪辑师:Ye Tingting 叶婷婷

Camera 摄影:Wu Qiliang 吴启亮

Colorist 调色师:Zhang Heng 张恒


Credits – Time ATM

Production and Creative Agency 制作兼代理公司: Wondering Media 舞刀弄影

Director/Screenplay 导演/编剧:Liang Kun 梁锟

Executive Director执行导演: Bian Xi卞玺

Producer 制片人:Mars Chen 陈小黑

Editor 剪辑师:Ye Tingting 叶婷婷

Camera 摄影:Wu Ye 吴也


Credits – Success Experiment

Production and Creative Agency 制作兼代理公司: Wondering Media 舞刀弄影

Director 导演:Liang Kun 梁锟

Executive Director执行导演:Lin Hongbin 林鸿斌

Camera 摄影:Wu Qiliang 吴启亮

Editor/ Post production 剪辑/后期:Ye Tingting 叶婷婷

Colorist 调色师:Zhang Heng 张恒

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