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Post-production stories: VHQ’s take on visual futurism | 后期制作故事:VHQ对视觉未来主义的呈现


VHQ was founded in 1987 and has become Asia’s leading vertically integrated media network head-quartered in Singapore, who expanded in 2013 to China. With an impressive portfolio of top notch CG animations and VFX solutions for both films and TVCs, they are capable of many different types of post production work.


Recently VHQ worked on two films, both of which focus on the future in two rather different ways. Released in December 2018, the animated film for state-owned dairy giant Yili is an adorable animation that won our hearts over with its cute characters. Even more recently, in March 2019 they finished a film for Toyota focusing on manufacturing details and scenes with robotic automation, showing a completely different style of VFX and CG work.


Yili’s “Organic future” campaign started with a package design competition for “Y-Milk future milk platform”, a collaboration between Yili and e-commerce platform JD. Designers were tasked to create packaging for Yili’s three organic dairy brands – Satine, QQ Xing, and ChangQing – and the competition received more than 1465 submissions. The best of these submissions were introduced in a short animated commercial with a hopeful and optimistic vision of the future. VHQ expanded on the four selected “organic concept” designs to create the environments in which Yili and JD’s mascots interact. Design teams at VHQ were responsible for the script, CG animation, editing, effects, music, and other components.


The film for Toyota brings a different lens through which to glimpse at the future. With imagery showing the finer points of the how the car is actually made, it scores well in the dramatic effect department. VHQ single-handedly dealt with post-production including computer animation, editing, color correction, and final composition of the video.


Have a look at the two films below for some insight into the expansive styles of VHQ and a couple of positive looks into the future.


Yili animation film 


Credits | 职员表:

Brand | 品牌:Yili 伊利

Agency | 代理商:BlueFocus 北京蓝色光标数字营销机构

Post production | 后期制作:VHQ Beijing VHQ 北京

Executive producer | 监制:Guo Yu 郭宇

Director | 导演:William Woo

Visual effects director | 视效导演: Danny Yin

Post-production producer | 后期制片人:Li Jing 李晶

Toyota film 


Credits | 职员:

Brand | 品牌:Toyota 一汽丰田

Post-production | 后期制作: VHQ Beijing VHQ 北京

Director | 导演: Guo Luchuan 郭鲁川, Men Yi 门奕

Visual effects director | 视效导演:Mars, Ouyang Zhi 欧阳智

Post-production producer | 后期制片人:Iris

Art director | 艺术导演:Zhao Guoqi 赵国淇


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