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New production house in town: All in Film|新秀制片公司前来报到:All in Film


In March, when shooting in China was still banned, and many businesses had to shut their doors, a new production house called All in Film was established in Shanghai, finding opportunity in adversity. All in Film, who’s team is ambitious, passionate about being known for making interesting spots, are ready to shake up the traditional ways of the industry. SHP+ met with the company’s founder Jerry (雨田)for a talk as he discusses his clear vision for the future and the way he wants his production company to operate.

今年三月,中国的影视拍摄全面暂停,那么多家制作公司因疫情都倒闭,但是一家名为All in Film制片公司在上海诞生,逆流而上。就像All in Film的创始人所说的,逆境可能就是顺境, 这个艰难的时代也可能是个机遇的时代。All in Film的团队野心勃勃,满怀一腔热血,想要以精彩有趣的作品撼动传统,在行业内闯出名声。SHP+近日采访了All in Film的创始人雨田,他与我们分享了他对于未来,对于自己企业的清晰目标与规划。

Jerry 雨田
Founder 创始人

All in Film are newcomers, but they’ve already done several projects, including the recent Dico’s ad. The spot, that amassed 11.6 million views on the brand’s official Weibo alone, is what initially got our interest piqued. Dedicated to all stubborn people, brave enough to go against the current, it almost tricks you into feeling it’s not a commercial at all.

Jerry shares that doing interesting, captivating work, which other companies can take as a reference, is what All in Film is aiming for.

作为一家崭崭新的公司,All in Film已经完成了几个案例,其中就包括德克士最近的广告。该广告一石激起千层浪,单在品牌官方微博就获得了1160万次的点击,也一下引起了我们对 All in Film的关注。该片为不服输的倔强人士打造,展现他们勇于逆流而上的风采,让观众几乎快要忘记这是一部商业广告片。雨田认为拍摄有趣,有魅力,能成为行业标杆的影片,是All in Film的目标。

Dicos 德克士

After 12 years in the industry, last three of which he spent as an in-house director and EP at an ad agency, Jerry admits, he could’ve made good money working as a freelance director. Instead, he embarked on a new challenge, that is more meaningful to him— developing a company, focused on quality commercial films. He says, as a freelance creative you might not have the freedom of choosing the work which excites you, but you can turn a production house into a brand, shooting works that everybody can distinguish in a flood of content.


Throughout our conversation, Jerry repeatedly highlighted what differentiates his new company on the market. In one word, it’s experience: coming from agency background, on one side,  Jerry knows how creatives work, on the other— what clients want, which makes All in Film team equipped well to deal with miscommunication or conflicts during production process. In addition, having collaborated with different directors in the past, Jerry’s got an eye for matching directors to scripts. For now, All in Film, does not specify which works they want to specialize in, but like other companies we interviewed recently, the word “storytelling” seem to give direction. “What’s important is to make touching work, co-create powerful stories with clients”— shares Jerry. And whatever project that would be, the production house will give it everything they have, as the name, inspired by the phrase 全力以赴 (go all in) suggests.

在采访过程中,雨田一再地强调他刚刚成立的公司在业界到底有什么优势。总而言之,还是靠经验:作为一位有着代理背景的创作人,雨田不仅深谙创意领域,还对客户需求十分了解,这使得All in Film在处理制片过程中的各种沟通问题和冲突方面,格外地得心应手,游刃有余。此外,雨田曾与多位风格迥异的导演合作过,得益于这些丰富的工作经验,他在匹配剧本与导演方面独具慧眼。目前,All in Film还未表示会专注于哪个领域的工作,但与我们今日采访过的几家公司一样,“故事性”似乎是一个方向。“最重要的是创作感人的作品,与客户一起讲述有力量的故事”雨田说。不论是什么项目,他们都会倾尽全力,公司名字的来由便是全力以赴(go all in)。

Huawei GT2

When asked about the development plan of the company, Jerry shares that he hopes more clients know about this company, that dares to work with big budgets, becasue they have the experience and expertise to back the confidence. Though All in Film are just starting this year, the company’s young, but it also means they’re driven. Jerry sees this fiercly competitive industry as “willpower strengthening”, and he remains passionate about filmmaking.He says, he’ll be “doing the work until he can’t, all the way to retirement”.

当我们问到公司未来的发展规划时,雨田希望能有更多的客户能知道有这么一家All in Film是可以为他们服务的,因为他们很有经验、很专业、敢用大成本去出作品的一家创新性制作公司。虽然All in Film今年才起步,但是“年龄小”不代表魄力小。对雨田来说,对雨田来说,这个行业竞争激烈,但是也是一种激励,是一种意志的磨练。对于制作他仍是炙热的在追求,他说他要“拍到不能拍了为止,直到退休的那一天”。

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