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Milk+Honey Films: finding creative freedom beyond TVC | Milk+Honey影业:发现TVC之上的创意自由


If you Google ‘Milk+Honey production’, you’ll discover the name is quite popular in the commercial film world: the search results in several companies with similar name. But one particular Milk+Honey entered China to stay, unlike their American competitor of the same name.


The Taiwan-born production company doesn’t have a traditional “About Us” page; Milk+Honey Films’ official website looks more like an interactive portfolio, which means their work speaks for itself. The company mainly focuses on the digital content, because, in words of co-owner Pak Fung Wong, “Nowadays, creative freedom and direct contact with clients is what’s fascinating.”

这家创立于台湾的后期制作公司有点异乎寻常,并没有“关于我们”这一页简介;Milk+Honey公司的官方网站更像是一个互动式的作品集,用作品来说话。这家公司主要关注于数字内容,用共有人黄伯丰(Pak Fung Wong)的话来说,“创意自由和与客户的直接接触更有吸引力。”


In words of co-owner Pak Fung Wong, “Nowadays, creative freedom and direct contact with clients is what’s fascinating.”


Pak comes to the commercial film field through still images having studied photography at School of Visual Arts in New York. He was working editorially as well as commercially at several agencies. When photography became a bit of a lonely job with a limited circle of interaction and little to no involvement at the initial stage of any project, he took the opportunity to shift to film. The offer came from former classmate, Ellie Chen who went back to Taiwan to start  Milk + Honey Films in the early 2000. Pak made a move to Shanghai, and Chen’s company, Milk + Honey Films, was already well verse in TVC productions. She was looking to expand the company in helping clients in Mainland China to create digital contents. With Pak’s experience in China,  they started Milk + Honey Films’ Mainland China chapter five years ago. Their team members are all craftsman at heart and what they like best is storytelling.

Pak通过在纽约的视觉艺术学院学习静态图像摄影进入了商业影片领域。他在几家通讯社从事编辑和商务工作。由于互动圈子有限,摄影成为了一项有点孤独的工作,在任何一个项目的初始阶段都基本上很少有事情可做,有时候甚至没有。他抓住了转向电影的机会。他之前的同学Ellie Chen给了他一个“机会”。在纽约艺术学院学习了电影之后,Ellie Chen于2000年初期回到台湾开了一家公司。Pak去了上海,加入Chen的公司——Milk+Honey影业。那时公司的TVC业务已经有了不错的业内好评。Chen希望扩大公司的业务,服务中国大陆的更多的客户。凭借着PaK在中国大陆的一些经验,五年前他们开启了Milk + Honey 影业在中国大陆的篇章。他们的团队成员都是用心的“匠人”。一个由电影制作人、摄影师、动画师组成的制作团队成立了,他们最喜欢的就是讲故事。

Milk+Honey Films is a small company with an impressive client list: they’ve solved creative tasks for McDonald’s, Sony Xperia, Colgate, Seiko, Dyson, Fila, SKII and more. When it comes to projects that are near and dear to the heart, Pak names work that can allow them to meet amazing personalities and unveil a storyline around them. Such is the series of videos for North Face profiling long-distance runners. The brief was quite vague, so they figured out storylines to reveal the characters; a business school graduate who started off-trail running to cope with anxiety; a mother who trains every day, proving to her children that one should never stop half way, etc. With visual language, these stories created distinct portraits, and add depth to the brand’s message.

Milk+Honey 影业是一家小公司,拥有令人印象深刻的客户名单,他们为麦当劳(McDonald’s)、索尼Xperia、高露洁(Colgate)、精工(Seiko)、戴森(Dyson)、斐乐(Fila)、SKII等公司进行过创意工作。当涉及到更走心的项目时,Pak列举了一些作品,符合令人惊异的特性,并揭开围绕他们展开的故事线。比如北面(North Face)关于长跑运动员的系列视频。故事梗概相当模糊,所以他们提炼出故事情节来揭示人物特点;一名商学院毕业生为了应对焦虑,开始进行越野跑步;一位每天都进行训练的母亲,她向她的孩子们证明永远不要中途放弃,等等。这些故事用视觉语言创造了独特的形象,并增加了品牌信息的深度。

The North Face

Another one of their exemplary work is video content for Estée Lauder. The team developed the storyline, created special rigs to rotate the product for a dynamic visual effect—everything was done on a very tight deadline. That seems to be Milk+Honey Films’ forte: finding creative solutions within the budget, pressing deadlines, to finally create a visually delicious story that every time has something new to tell on the familiar topics.


Estee Lauder

Aside from working on commercial projects, Pak believes strongly in creating personal projects. “It is just a great way to show our clients what we love and believe. Interesting works always bring to interesting clients.”, said Pak. The recent series they did was focused on the beautiful craftsmanship of embroidery, Batik dying, loom weaving and woodblock printing in Yunnan, China.



See more of what Milk+Honey Films has to offer at the official webpage.



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