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It’s the most wonderful time of the year | 此刻正当时 SHP+ holiday ad round-up of 2018 | SHP+ 2018假日广告盘点



John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 #EltonJohnLewis

It’s becoming a Christmas tradition to wait for the next John Lewis spot, and this year doesn’t disappoint. This poignant portrayal of Elton John’s musical history was perfectly placed during this last year of political turmoil, showing how music and art truly brings the world together.

期待John Lewis的新广告,已经成为一年中的圣诞传统了,今年当然也不例外。目睹了过去一年的政治动乱,广告以Elton John的音乐故事切题,表现了音乐和艺术可以把世界连接在一起。

Agency | 广告公司: Adam & Eve DDB
Production | 制作公司: Blink
Director | 导演: Dougal Wilson




Waitrose & Partners ‘Fast Forward’

This series of holiday ads by Waitrose are fitting for our instant gratification, consumer society that we will in today. The fact that they made fun of a John Lewis ad as well is pretty clever. Quick watch this ad before you reach for another piece of Christmas fudge.

Waitrose的假日系列广告抓住了当今消费时代的及时满足感。它戏谑了John Lewis的广告,不失为一个高招。在吃下一块圣诞糖果之前,赶快来欣赏一下这部广告吧。

Agency | 广告公司: Adam & Eve DDB
Production | 制作公司: Outsider
Director | 导演: Joy Kilpatrick
Post | 海报: Framestore



BBC One ‘Wonderland’

This film for the iconic British radio service, doesn’t make much connection to their brand, but nonetheless wins the viewers over by portraying a touching story of a mom and son finally finding time to be together.


Agency | 广告公司: BBC Creative, London
Production | 制作公司: Rogue Films
Director | 导演: Sam Brown




Electronic retail shops may not be your thing, but this Scandinavian one certainly managed to hit the spot on this long-form holiday add, creating a beautiful and very believable connection between a young granddaughter and her grandfather. This spot shows the brand’s significant investment in this campaign and its understanding of high quality production value. Bravo.


Agency | 广告公司: Nord DDB (Stockholm)
Production | 制作公司: Bleck Film Stockholm
Visual Effects | 视觉效果: The Gentlemen Broncos




Toyota ‘Home for the Holidays’

The holidays would not be complete without a heart-warming homecoming ad like this one from Toyota. An adorable, glasses rimmed boy waits for his father in uniform, who eventually greets him with a big huge that is sure to stir the tear gland of even the biggest Scrooge.


Agency | 广告公司: Saatchi & Saatchi, US




Although we all graduated from grade school, no one can forget that feeling of being left out or lonely – and there is no worse time to feel this than the holidays. This spot calls on these deep human emotions through an adorable animation that is sure to give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside by the end.

虽然我们早已从小学毕业,但是那种放学后孤零零地被留在学校的感觉,现在想起来还是很受触动– 如果发生在节假日的话,更加让人难受。通过可爱的动画,这部广告片激发了深沉的人类情感,在结尾处又会给你温馨暖心的感觉。

Agency | 广告公司: Jung von Matt/Donau
Production | 制作公司: Passion Animation Studios
Director | 导演: Kyra & Constantin




Ikea ‘Lift’

For the China expat audience, who I’m sure has decorated many homes and flats here solely by Ikea, this comical ad of two customers slowly coming together, and eventually decorating and then literally celebrating Christmas in an Ikea elevator seems only fitting to share.


Agency | 广告公司: DDB Milan
Production | 制作公司: Mercurio Cinematografica
Director | 导演: Augusto Zapiola




Audi “New Santa”

This spot created by M/H VCCP won’t get you rolling in laughter but it’s a clever, long form ad that will surely bring a grin to your face for anyone that has tried to loose a few pounds after the holidays. This year get a little motivation from the man in red himself to kick off your post holiday weight loss plan!

这部由M/H VCCP制作的广告片也许没办法让你捧腹大笑,但是对那些想要节后减掉几磅的人而言,它的机智幽默一定能让你的嘴角上扬。从广告主角身上汲取灵感,开始你的节后减肥大战吧!

Agency | 广告公司: M/H VCCP
Production | 制作公司: MJZ
Visual Effects | 视觉效果: Eightvfx
Director | 导演: Craig Gillespie





Remember that Spanish animation that made us all so empathetic for the night security guard? This spot for Uber Eats is a sort of live action version of that. As a restless night watchman passes his time on Christmas, Uber Eats saves the day by delivering the bored watchman a home cooked meal from his family, essentially bringing a bit of Christmas to him.

还记得那部让我们对夜间保安感同身受的西班牙动画短片嘛?这部Uber Eats针对法国市场的广告算是那部动画的真人版。在焦躁不安的平安夜,守夜人独自在办公室守夜,Uber Eats 此时提供的不再是单纯的外卖,更是将家常食物送给孤独守夜人的温馨服务。

Agency | 广告公司:  Romance
Production | 制作公司:  Stink
Director | 导演: Julien Guetta


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