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Is Storytelling On The Rise On Gaming Ads?|游戏广告流行讲故事了?


China’s gaming industry, currently ranking as the second biggest in the world with an estimated revenue of $36,54M , recently went into advertising using commercial films.


Since 2015 there has been a huge growth in Chinese TV advertising for PC and mobile games. Un-derstanding the value of promotion with commercial films, industry experts note that more and more gaming companies are creating in-house production teams.


As gamers are becoming more knowledgeable and spoilt for choice, brands are needing to add va-riety to their ads. Showcasing the gameplay and graphics in all its glory remains a powerful tool, however ads with some story behind are gaining traction as well.


The recent “League of Legends” commercial is a good example of this shift. A decade since its re-lease, in China League of has grown into a culture of its own, unparalleled anywhere else in the world.


As now as the game comes to mobile devices, Tencent has released a TVC that goes as far as telling us how LOL can cure relationships. The story of a couple who’s been together for 8 years, and rekindled their love through mobile version of the game they used to play in the university might seem cheesy, but it does the job.


Production 制作公司: 泰美时光 Timetimes (Beijing) + more

Double Eleven’s promo for Crossfire, also one of the top 10 most successful games of all times, is also in line with showing a narrative story over gameplay in its film.


The ironic video “One day to be single” is a mock public service advert, speaking to men who are not lacking of needs, but occasionally desire the need to be single just for one day. Not because they want to cheat on their better halves, but to reunite with their friends and just play the game.


Agency 代理:Dotwell 点维
Producer 制作人:狄文达
Post Production 后期制作 :DCP+ more

Arena of Valor, another game that tops highest profitable mobile games rankings in China, also oc-casionally goes into the story direction. For its 4th anniversary in China, at the end of October the brand released a 7-minutes spot featuring stories of 8 real players and how an invitation to the game, stretched beyond digital realm into real life relationships.


Agency 代理:Dotwell 点维文化
Producer 制作人:狄文达 肖聪+ more

It’s not the first time, Arena of Valor advertises this way. ‘Inseparable friends’ , an ad released in May, for example, doesn’t have a single shot of people playing the game, instead showing a couple who breaks up and other characters, whose lives go separate ways, but they stay playmates.


A few examples may not be sufficient to claim with certainty, that shooting commercial films with a narrative story instead of showing the game is the new trend in China.


But when you take a closer look, you’ll find that behind these different successful games is one company—Tencent. Given that Chinese internet and entertainment giant is the world’s largest game company, it may as well be setting the trend as we speak.


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