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Graham Fink: “You’ve Got To Have That WTF Moment”
寻找 '卧槽!'时刻"


Multimedia artist Graham Fink’s thirty years as an art director, creative director, ECD and founder of his own conceptual production company in the vibrant London industry, won him multiple awards and cemented his reputation as one of advertising’s preeminent creative minds. In 2011 he made the move east to become CCO for Ogilvy China.

SHP+ sat down with Graham at the 2015 Shanghai London Advertising Forum (SLAF 2015), following his talk ‘What I have learnt as CCO of China’s biggest agency’ in which he discussed cultural differences, attitudes to creativity and the frenetic pace of the Chinese industry.

You can read more from Graham in his SLAF 2015 preview here.

多媒体艺术家Graham Fink有着近30年的从业经验。他曾担任过艺术指导,创意总监并在伦敦开创了自己的制作公司。这些经历为他赢得了多项媒体大奖并奠定了他作为广告创意行业领军人物的基础。2011年,他移居中国成为了奥格威中国的首席创意官。

Graham Fink出席了2015年度上海—伦敦广告论坛(SLAF 2015),并发表《中国最大的广告公司首选创意官的学习经验》的演说。他在演说中探讨了中国广告业在不同文化背景,工作态度和创意思维下的发展。演讲结束后,SHP+有幸采访了Graham。

更多关于Graham Fink在SLAF 2015的活动请点击这里


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