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Catching up with ‘The Hype’ | 对话“The Hype”


Aslan Malik shares his experience as Executive Creative Director of The Hype

Aslan Malik畅谈担任The Hype执行创意总监二三事


Aslan Malik

  1. How long has The Hype been open in Shanghai? The Hype在上海成立多久了?

We opened in early 2015. The Hype is basically a sub-branch of PIXOMONDO, we created The Hype to broaden our creative output while not confusing the public about PIXOMONDO’s core business.


The Hype still focuses a lot on motion graphics but is not only limited to that medium. On the one hand, the aim is to find the best solution for a brand regardless of what our own focus is. On the other hand we do limit ourselves to developing content for brands but have the freedom to create whatever we’re interested in, regardless of which format it may come in. It’s a bit of a playground if you will.

The Hype专注于动态图形设计,但是却不局限于此。一方面,我们的目标是不论我们专注于什么领域,都要为品牌找到最好的解决方案。另一方面,我们却专注于为品牌打造内容,但是又很灵活能做我们感兴趣的东西,各种形式都可以。有点像游乐场一样。


2. How closely does The Hype work on projects with PIXOMONDO?The Hype跟PIXOMONDO在项目合作上有多紧密?

The Hype can’t be separated from PIXOMONDO. It is literally a branch. Without PIXOMONDO acting as a stem and roots we wouldn’t have the infrastructure nor the artists to work on our larger projects. The Hype is fully integrated and whenever we need additional artists they’re coming from one of the other offices.

二者是分不开的,说白了The Hype就是PIXOMONDO的一个分支。树高千尺离不了根,没有PIXOMONDO,我们也不会有这些基础设施和团队去做这么大的项目。The Hype完全是整体的一部分,我们要是需要增加人手,就从PIXOMONDO其他办公室找人。

Right now we’re working on shots for a feature film that is a collaborative effort between every single PIXOMONDO office across the globe. In that way each office and branch is very tightly knit.



3. What work is the team most proud of?你们团队最引以为傲的作品是哪一个?

We’ve done a lot of cool stuff, it’s all in perspective though.  Being a part of PIXOMONDO means you’re surrounded by absolute giants in the industry. I have clients who ask me, “Can you do that thing from Minority Report?” and the guy who created that is part of our team.



4. Any exciting projects your team is working on now that you can share a little bit about with us?现在有在做什么很有意思的项目吗,能跟我们透露一点吗?

We just finished a project for the Adidas Original’s EQT shoe. It was a job with a quick turnaround time but we had fun doing it. Amber Communications made the concept and we did the production and post-production. The final product is four clips featuring Luhan, Eason Chan, Yan Yubo and Wang Zhijun.

刚做完阿迪达斯三叶草EQT运动鞋项目。项目的时间很短,但是我们乐在其中。创意来自Amber Communications,我们负责制作和后期。最终的作品包括四部分,明星分别是鹿晗,陈奕迅,彦禹博和Wang Zhijun。


Yan Yubo 彦禹博

On a personal level I enjoyed this particular project because it allowed me to use a wider skill set from directing, editing, motion design, photography, videography and typography. My crew took care of the 3D modeling, animation, and location scouting.

我个人非常喜欢这部作品,因为我可以发挥各种技能 – 导演、剪辑、动态设计、摄影、视频拍摄和排版。我们团队成员负责建模、动画和踩点。

 Lu Han | 鹿晗

These are the types of projects we’re aiming for, having an agency in the back with good concepts that know their client and gives us room to elaborate.



5. What sets The Hype apart from other branding and design agencies in Shanghai? 是什么让The Hype跟上海其他的品牌公司和设计公司与众不同?

I’ve heard good things about agencies here so it’s good to know that there are people out there pushing forward, but I stopped looking at other people’s work a long time ago. It’s a creative’s flaw to be like a sponge. It’s true we get influences and inspired by outside things and other campaigns, and that’s fine as long as your inspiration is coming from outside of the field you’re working in, but if every agency is a copy of the next one then we all become redundant.


I can tell when I see a PIXOMONDO shot in a movie. It has a specific fingerprint. The same has to go for the commercial department when it comes to style. People need to know why they hired you over another agency. Besides that we always deliver on time. Our clients enjoy having less of a headache working with us. Our focus is on design though, and in that regard I have seen parallels but none better.


Kingkey 京基动画

The Hype created a 30 second logo animation for Kingkey, an animation company that belongs to a Chinese real estate group based in Shenzhen. The studio has asked for Pixomondo’s support in creating a logo for the release of their new movie called “Ants”.

The Hype为京基动画打造了一个30秒的logo动画,京基动画隶属于深圳房地产企业京基集团。他们最初找到Pixomondo,要为即将上映的全新动画电影《Ants》打造一个logo。


Cartier 卡地亚

For the release of Cartier’s first diamond amulet in China, head of Langrui Studio and the director of the ad, Arturo Casaeres, hired The Hype to lead the art direction, illustration, color treatment and motion design for the campaign.

卡地亚在中国发布了首支钻石附身符广告,该片由Langrui Studio负责人Arturo Casaeres担任导演,他找到了The Hype来负责打造艺术指导、插图、色彩处理和动态设计。


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