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What Do Hobbits Have to Do with Airplane Safety?


Let’s be real here: When the flight attendant says, “Now please turn your attention to the safety video,” what you really hear is, “Finally, time to relax and take a nap.” With flying becoming a regular habit for most of us, frequent flyers generally know what’s up and how to handle the basic emergency necessities. The only time we really focus our attention on the safety info is when we forget to bring a book or magazine and get stuck with the safety card for entertainment!

Faffer_NZA_1Airline empires have taken notice and really made an effort to change that. Creativity never seen before in the cabin of a 747 has been brought in to try to capture the difficult audience. Safety videos are now mini-movies ranging from romance, to action, to dance. When it comes to flying, it is all about the experience. What better way to stand out in a crowded market then by putting a twist on an old tale.
Virgin America’s Safety dance video directed by Jon M. Chu went viral in October 2013. The safety dance video now has over 10 million views and also won the Annual Shorty Award in 2014.

Now Air New Zealand has taken the lead with its newest safety video themed around the movie “The Hobbit.” The safety video has only been released for a little less than a month and has over 11 million views. A sequel to their first Hobbit-based safety video (An Unexpected Briefing released in 2012) the latest film is shot on location in New Zealand, instead of in the confines of the aircraft cabin.

So now, ladies and gents, buckle up, sit back,and travel safe with the Hobbits, Elves, Ogres!



航空公司当然也心里有底,也努力希望在准确传达安全信息的基础上,能把千篇一律的视频变得有趣一点,提高一下“收视率”。在这样的需求下,创意就悄然地飞进了机舱的屏幕上。安全视频先天拥有4-5分钟的“微电影”长度,题材自然可以很广,爱情,动作到舞蹈,样样皆可。飞行是典型的一种客户体验过程,在竞争激烈的民航市场,虽然有时候创意是旧瓶装新酒,但是试图把安全须知拍得出彩,足以表明航空公司把客户体验做到细节上去了。 其中的佼佼之作有2013年年底推出的维珍美国的安全须知舞蹈视频,上线后爆红,超过了一千万的点击率。视频获得了2014的“年度短片大奖”。

而航空界里,最能把安全视频做得最有创意的,非数新西兰航空公司莫属了。在2012 年,该公司首次沿用了《指环王》电影系列的精髓,请影片中各路神人鸟兽再次出镜,演绎了一出让人拍手叫绝的安全视频。今年年底,新西兰航空再接再励,推出了续集《霍比特人:史上最强的安全须知视频》,上线后第一个月就超过了1,100万的访问量,再次给乘客呈现了新西兰云雾缭绕的群山宏伟场景和一段伟大的中土世界奇幻之旅。



Air New Zealand “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made” (2014)

Director:Taika Waititi
Executive Creative Director:Craig Pethybridge
Producer: Fiona Champtaloup, Matt Noonan
Visual Effects:Weta Workshop
DoP:Lachlan Milne, Darryl Ward
Editor: Luke Haigh (Curious)

Behind-the-scene of the Epic Safety Video Ever.

These guys seem having great fun of making it.


An Unexpected Briefing (2012)

The first In-flight Hobbit safety video, with guest appearance including Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson, Mike Tokien and Royd Tokien, the great great grandsons of the author of the Hobbit, J.R.R. Toikien.

Director: Josh Frizzell
Producer: Katie Millington
Production company: 8com
DoP: John Toon
Post production: Toybox
Editor: David Coulson
VFX Supervisor: Bruce Carter, Toybox
Gollum animation: Weta Digital

Betty White With Air New Zealand in “Safety Old School Style” (2013)

Air New Zealand has more to offer than the Hobbits. in 2013, it launched a playful in-flight safety video starred by Hollywood comedian Betty White at her age of 91 with unbelievable charms.

Advertising agency:True
Production Company: 8com
Director: Josh Frizzell
Production Company Oroducer: Jozsef Fityus
DOP: Renaud Maire
Editor: Alex O’Shaughnessy
Music Composition: Genyus Music/Joel Haines

Fit To Fly (2011)

The campy American fitness coach Richard Simmon brought a hilarious start of flight for ANZ’s passengers. This fun in-flight discotheque video studded with celebrities faces: Amazing Race presenter Phil Keoghan, television personality Paul Henry, Temepara George of the Silver Ferns netball team and Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe.

Virgin America Safety Video #VXsafetydance

Client: Delta
Spot: “Pay Attention”: In-Flight Holiday Safety Video
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York
Director: Matt Aselton / Azazel Jacobs
Executive Producer: Marc Marrie
DOP: Corey Walter
VFX Company: MPC


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