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The Yule Log Project: Fantastic Festive Animation


It’s Christmas time which can mean only one thing – time to get the yule logs out!

But before you start the Pagan ritual wood burning, or tucking into a sugar-frosted chocolate cake, we’re talking about The Yule Log Project – a website packed with tasty short animations by top artists from around the world.

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Yule Log 2.0 was started in 2013 by Daniel Savage in partnership with New York digital agency Wondersauce, inviting 66 artists to create films themed around burning the yule log. The project was inspired by the iconic WPIX-11 Yule Log, a four hour looping film of a yule log burning in a fireplace against traditional Christmas music that was broadcast on New York TV Station WPIX every Christmas from 1966 through to 1989.

The Yule Log Project is now in its third season, known as Yule Log 2.015. The sumptuous selection of short films can be watched online at the beautifully designed 

Christmas has come early!

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2013年,动画师/插画师Daniel Savage与纽约数码公司Wondersauce合作,创立了Yule Log 2.0,同时邀请了66位艺术家进行圣诞木燃烧的短片制作。这个灵感来源于纽约电视台WPIX-TV播放的一段圣诞木在壁炉中燃烧的视频,该视频自 1966年至1989年每年的圣诞节都会循环播放4小时。

“圣诞木计划”至今已经到了第三季,即 Yule Log 2.015。您可以在watchyulelog.com上在线观看这些精美的短片。


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  • 创始人兼馆长 Created and curated by Daniel Savage
  • 网站设计及开发 
Site designed and developed by Wondersauce
首席设计师 Lead Designer: Robbie Junge
  • 音乐 
Music: Friendship Park
  • 文案 Copywriter: Liz Marks


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