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Samsung Mocks Apple In a Series of Comic Ads


When some companies are at neck and neck with each other it may be time to start playfully mocking each other to show who has the better product? erhm erhm *cough*- Samsung and Apple.

From a consumer’s perspective it is always entertaining to watch. Companies use Comparative advertising strategies to openly mock their rivals and show who has the better product. Samsung’s success in the past few years has been thanks to their marketing. Samsung has focused on advertising and distribution. Samsung spent a whopping estimate 14 USD billion on marketing due to all the legal wars it has been having with Apple. Apple’s value has declined by 40% in 2013 (That’s huge!).



PC & MAC 2006
We have seen it before with the classic PC and MAC compilation of commercials back in 2006 where Mac made fun of PC being old and out of date by representing the two products as people. Mac played by Justin Long was portrayed as the young, confident, friendly, and stylish product while PC who was played by John Hodgman was dressed in a suit & tie and was very serious and boring. Apple made a collective series using comparative advertising strategies showing the advantages Mac has versus PC.
PC & MAC 2006
最经典的 PC和MAC的比较广告可追朔到2006年,当时MAC就用人来代替产品取笑PC是很老派和很过时。MAC的扮演者是贾斯汀•隆(Justin Long),被描绘成年轻、自信、友善和时尚,而约翰•霍奇曼(John Hodgman)则扮演一位穿西装打领带的严肃无趣的人。苹果用了一系列的比较性广告策略来展示MAC 比PC占有优势。

Samsung & Apple 2011
Now back to the current rivalry between Samsung and Apple. It looks like Apple got a problem with everybody…
The whole war started in 2011, when Samsung wanted to promote their new smartphone, Galaxy S II.
In the Ad below it takes the first swing at iphone users who will wait 9 hours in line for the new iphone. Life is still happening around them as Samsung portrays all iphone users wasting their time as there are newer and better products out there= Tada! Galaxy S II

Soon after Samsung launched its online Facebook campaign “What are you waiting for?” & “The next big thing is here” where you can share campaign posters on your social media how much better Samsung Galaxy S II is versus the Apple iphone. Samsung compares itself to apple with the image below “Cutting Edge vs. Old School”.


It doesn’t stop there!
Another event that happened in 2011 was that Samsung Germany released an Ad to promote their new tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. In the ad there is a caption that writes “See Flash run” referring to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 user as the caption then quickly changed to “Or not” as it showed a lady using the Apple ipad. The ad then shows the same lady going into a store to purchase the Galaxy Tab.

Apple was furious did not waste time as a few months later Apple took Samsung to a German court. Apple stated that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringed Apple’s minimalist design patent. The result- German Court agreed to Apple’s request to BAN THE SALES of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany (WOW).
Samsung made another ad for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that highlighted the thin and sleek aesthetic design of the product.

Samsung & Apple 2011
这场较量从2011年开始,当时三星要宣传他们新的智能手机,Galaxy S II。在这广告里,先出现的是Iphone用户会为了新的Iphone而等上9个小时。这反映出三星用户日常生活依然继续而Iphone用户则花时间在等新的Iphone ,这世上还有更新和更好的产品– Galaxy S II

接着三星在脸书(Facebook)上推出“你还在等什么?”和“下一个潮品就在这”的互动活动,你可以在你的社交媒体上转发互动活动的海报并说出三星Galaxy S II是比苹果Iphone更好。三星将自己和苹果做比较如图所示“时尚尖端vs守旧老牌”。

在2011年,德国的三星公司就发布一个新广告推广他们新的平板电脑– Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1。在这广告里出现一幕Galaxy Tab 10.1 用户在选择“看Flash run”,可以快速转换“或不”来比较苹果Ipad的女性用户不能快速转换。在这广告里,这位用户就去店里买三星的平板电脑。 苹果非常恼怒,在数月后苹果就把三星告上德国法庭。苹果表示Galaxy Tab 10.1侵犯了苹果的简约设计专利。最后得出的结果-德国法庭判苹果胜诉,禁止Galaxy Tab 10.1在德国(WOW)的销售。
三星重拍Galaxy Tab 10.1的广告,这广告里突出了产品的轻薄和时尚的美学设计。

Samsung & Apple 2013
Samsung continues to throw punches at Apple as the Ad below promotes the Galaxy S 4 continuing with their slogan “The next big thing is here”. This Ad was released in May 2013.

Samsung & Apple 2013
三星在新推出Galaxy S 4的广告里还是对苹果狂追猛打并延续他们的口号“下一个潮品就在这”。这广告在2013年5月推出。

Samsung & Apple 2014
In the latest updates Samsung has released a few ads in 2014 to promote the new Galaxy Tab S. All ads use comparative advertising strategies as they compare features between the Apple ipad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung & Apple 2014
在2014年,三星推出几则广告来宣传新的Galaxy Tab S。全部的广告里都用比较性广告策略来比较苹果IPad和三星Galaxy Tab的性能。

We will continue to watch the war and you posted with what happens next.

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