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Meet Creative People | 遇见创意人士 SIMON ASTBURY


Craft and creativity continues to grow in China, none of which would be possible without the inspired and daring minds behind the ideas and production. We are asking the creative community in China five fun questions to learn a little bit more about the people behind this burgeoning industry.  Hope you enjoy! If you think you should be profiled or you know someone creative who should be profiled send an email to


Simon Astbury
Head of Colour Digital Domain

Simon is a highly respected Colourist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked on everything from Hollywood blockbusters and global ad campaigns to Turner Prize nominated art installations. He brings a deep understanding of the whole film making process and most importantly how to make images look their very best.


He started in the film industry working as a junior Colourist on movies like “Notting Hill” “Mission: Impossible” and “Sense and Sensibility”. Following that he worked for 5 years in TV longform drama and documentary. During his career he has worked with leading industry figues such as Jack Cardiff, Roger Pratt, Tony Kaye, Andre Stringer, Baz Luhrman, Paul WS Anderson, Roger Michell, Ang Lee and many others.

在进入电影行业初期,Simon作为一名年轻的调色师参与了《诺丁山》、《碟中谍5:神秘国度》以及《理智与情感》等电影的制作,之后,他在电视长篇戏剧和纪录片领域工作了5年。在他的职业生涯中,他曾与一些电影业的传奇人物一起工作,比如Jack Cardiff、Roger Pratt、Tony Kaye、Andre Stringer、Baz Luhrman、Paul WS Anderson、Roger Michell、Ang Lee等。

For the last 10 years he has specialized mainly in Commercials. He brings his experience to bear on every project and always strives to bring the very best out of every project he collaborates on, from big budget ads to no budget shorts. In 2018 Digital Domain offered him the position of Head of Colour, a challenge he couldn’t resist. He has been living and working in Shanghai and Beijing for just over a year.


1. What’s your favorite movie in the past five years? 近五年来,你最喜欢的电影是哪一部?

For the sheer spectacle of being able to see it in the BFI IMAX cinema in London it’s got to be ‘Dunkirk’, it was really a visceral experience, the audio mix especially is incredible. It’s a brilliantly crafted movie with some amazing moments. Shot on film and with minimal digital effects, for someone who works in the VFX industry it was refreshing to see a film that felt so raw and real.

《敦刻尔克》,能在伦敦的BFI IMAX电影院里看到它的壮观景象真是一种无法形容的体验。这只一种发自内心的体验,其中,这部电影的音频混合效果尤其令人难以置信。这是一部制作精美的电影,且电影中有一些惊人的片段。 电影的拍摄手法和数字特效的最小化,对于在VFX行业工作的人来说,看到一部感觉如此原始和真实的电影令人耳目一新。

2. If you could sing a duet with anyone who would it be? 如果有机会跟人合作二重唱,你希望和谁搭档?

Scott Walker would be my choice. He died recently and I have been re-listening to many of his songs. He was a poetic soul with an amazing voice, it would be a wonderful experience to sing with him.

我会选 Scott Walker。不久前Scott Walker先生去世了,我一直在反复聆听他的许多歌曲。他是一位有着迷人嗓音的诗意灵魂,与他一起唱歌必定是一次美妙的经历。

3. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? 你收到过的最好的礼物是什么?

Can I be incredibly corny and say my two daughters ?


4. Someone you would like to have dinner with? 想跟谁一起共进晚餐?

It’s got to be Anthony Bourdain. He’s a personal hero of mine and his writing on food and travel, his fearless passion for all things new and different has been an inspiration to me. I have thought a lot about his attitude to life since moving to China. One of his quotes in particular resonates strongly. “Do we really want to travel in hermetically sealed pope mobiles through the rural provinces of France, Mexico and the Far East, eating only in Hard Rock Cafes and McDonalds? Or do we want to eat without fear, tearing into the local stew, the humble taqueria’s mystery meat, the sincerely offered gift of a lightly grilled fish head? I know what I want. I want it all. I want to try everything once.”

这个人一定是 Anthony Bourdain。他是我心目中的英雄,他写的关于食物和旅行的文章,他对所有新事物和不同事物的无所畏惧的激情一直激励着我。自从搬到中国后,我对他的生活态度考虑了很多。他的一句话特别让我印象特别深刻。“我们真的想乘坐密封的教皇专车穿越法国、墨西哥和远东的乡村省份,仅为了在Hard Rock餐厅和麦当劳进食吗?或者我们是否想要毫无畏惧地进食:撕碎当地的炖肉、简陋的墨西哥快餐馆里的神秘肉以及诚挚提供的微烤鱼头?我知道我想要什么。 我全都要。 我想尝试一次。”

5. Favorite food to eat? 最喜欢的食物?

I will eat anything and everything which is lucky considering that in China literally everything is on the menu. At my company they call me ‘The easy Laowai’ because I’ll try anything once.

我会尝试所有在幸运地出现在菜单上的中国食物。 在我所在公司里,我的同事们称我为“逍遥老外”,这是因为我会尝试任何食物。

We invite each of the creatives we profile to tag another interesting person for the series. Simon suggested Jim De Muth, creative Director at Nowness Shanghai.

我们邀请创意人士来一场接力赛,每个人都要推荐另一位有意思的创意人士。Simon推荐的下一个人是:来自Nowness 上海的创意总监 Jim De Muth。


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