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Meet Creative People | 遇见创意人士 Ruben Kosman


Craft and creativity continues to grow in China, none of which would be possible without the inspired and daring minds behind the ideas and production. We are asking the creative community in China five fun questions to learn a little bit more about the people behind this burgeoning industry.  Hope you enjoy! If you think you should be profiled or you know someone creative who should be profiled send an email to


Ruben Kosman
Managing Director / Executive Producer at Fin Design and Effects Shanghai

Ruben started as a passionate creative producer with a degree in International Media and Production Management. He has been in media production for over 10 years, starting his career in Amsterdam as an entrepreneur focused on live action and post- production for feature film and commercials. After which, he started working in Shanghai, Paris and Beijing as a creative and executive producer.


Ruben moved to China in 2013, working in different media environments; Live Entertainment Media, Commercial and online TVC, and discovered having a strong interest in immersive content such as VR and AR.


Ruben likes connecting with people and getting things done by using head and heart. Using a clear vision he tries to make complex situations simple. Multi-task and keep all stakeholders involved. He loves working in an energetic environment and thrives on it.


1. Favorite sound?最喜欢的声音?

Nature… Especially the sound of waves crashing on shore…

2. Someone you would like to have dinner with?你希望和谁一道共进晚餐?

I would want a laid back drunken meal with 80’s Eddy Murphy, Richard Prior, Christopher Walken and my mother (RIP)…
我希望和80年代的Eddy Murphy, Richard Prior, Christopher Walken 以及我的母亲(愿她安息)一起吃顿慢悠悠,醉熏熏的晚餐。

3. Favorite children’s story?最喜欢的童话故事?

The little Prince… Never loose the child in yourself…

4. Favorite country to visit?最想去游览的国家?

There are many to name. Japan is definitely in the top 3. In the end there is no place like home… The Netherlands…

5. Favorite smell?喜欢的气味?

The smell of an A class bakery in the morning…

6. What’s your favorite Movie of all time? 最喜欢的电影?

The Green Mile / Amelie Poulain


We invite each of the creatives we profile to tag another interesting person for the series. Ruben suggested Tyronne Curtis  – the new MD/BD of Imperfect Circle.

我们邀请创意人士来一场接力赛,每个人都要推荐另一位有意思的创意人士。 Ruben推荐的下一个人是:来自Imperfect Circle的新任MD/BD – Tyronne Curtis.

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