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Meet Creative People | 遇见创意人士 JEFF YIU 饶颂晖


Craft and creativity continues to grow in China, none of which would be possible without the inspired and daring minds behind the ideas and production. We are asking the creative community in China five fun questions to learn a little bit more about the people behind this burgeoning industry.  Hope you enjoy! If you think you should be profiled or you know someone creative who should be profiled send an email to



 Photographer  (

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Sydney. Jeff started his career in digital media planning with Publicis Groupe in Sydney, whilst experimenting with photography documenting his friends in the independent music scene before relocating to London in 2010 to pursue his photographic career assisting with numerous photographers in the fashion industry. He relocated to Beijing in late 2012 to pursue his own photographic career working with various production and media companies working across fashion and personal projects.在香港出生,在悉尼长大。饶颂晖在悉尼的阳狮集团开始了他的数字媒体策划职业生涯,在此期间,他尝试用摄影记录他在独立音乐领域的朋友们。2010年,他移居伦敦,在时尚界协助众多摄影师,继续他的摄影事业。2012年底,他搬到北京,在不同的制作和媒体公司从事时尚行业和个人项目,追求自己的摄影事业。

Jeff loves cinema and performance; his visual approach has been heavily influenced by his own experiences growing up with music and its subcultures. His photographic works are often stemmed from a sense of intimacy with the people involved and how the music can define the mood of the image. His on going collaboration with the fashion label Path and Chictopia offers him the chance to explore the fluidity of gender and identity with the characters that inhibit the spirit of the label. Apart from image making, he enjoys reading about psychology and sociology and making photo books.


Jiang Zi Hao for PATH SS20
Art Direction Janine Grosche
Graphic Design Ronald Tau

Fox and Ethan for King Kong Digital
Styling by Dre Romero


Styling by Sabina Vitter


Styling by Sabina Vitter


WSJ Men’s Style Jan Issue Features Paul Andrew of Ferragamo
Fashion Direction Coke Ho

1. Favorite children’s story? 最喜欢的儿童故事?

“The Little Prince” is my favourite children’s story. When I was traveling through Japan with the band Lions at your door and my friend Nick wanted to get a tattoo of the little prince – that’s how I was introduced to the book. I had started to read it not knowing what to expect, but it ended up having a profound effect on how I wanted to live and pursue my own creative ideas. It is a really beautiful story full of relatable insights about curiosities and living.

《小王子》。当我与Lions at your door乐队一起在日本旅游,我的朋友Nick想做个小王子的纹身,那时候就是我第一次接触这本书。我刚开始读《小王子》,不知道从这本书会得到什么,但它最终对我的印象很深刻,让我重新思考我想要的生活方式以及如何追求我自己的创意理想。这是一个非常美丽的故事,充满了对好奇心和生活的相关看法。

Lions at your door in Tokyo, 2009


Noise for IZZUE 2019
Art Direction Jimmy Lam

2. The best way to destress?  对你来说,最好的减压方式是什么?

Get moving and be out in nature if possible, alternatively going for somewhere comfortable indoors, sit still and listen to some music.


3. Longest you have been away from home? 最长离家多久?

This year has been full of unexpected discoveries and 8 and half months would be the longest time I had been away from home. It has been a really interesting time, creating temporary living spaces and making new bases in Hong Kong and Bali, the changes in my surroundings had a reflective impact on my values and encouraged me to pay more attention to my daily habits and live with a healthy mindset.


photo diary from earlier this year

4. Winter or summer?喜欢夏天还是冬天?

Summer for living definitely, life feels so simple when you can just go outside and explore.


Lola and Valeria for CHICTOPIA CHIC
Creative Direction by Ronald Tau and Christine Lau 

Jasper for Guerrilla Group co 2018 Spring/Summer RUNAWAY HEROES 亡走梟雄
Art direction by Beef Thang

5. Favorite Chinese saying? 最喜欢的一句中国谚语是?

“When there is no desire, all things are at peace.” ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

I really love the idea of just finding peace and contentment in every situation. This is a beautiful way to be and a healthy way to live, by acknowledging the experiences, putting our energy on living instead of always yearning for the future.

老子《道德经》:不欲以静 , 天下将自定。


Hong Kong

We invite each of the creatives we profile to tag another interesting person for the series. JEFF YIU  suggested art director, Meat Studio founder Ronald Tau.我们邀请创意人士来一场接力赛,每个人都要推荐另一位有意思的创意人士。 JEFF YIU 推荐的下一个人是:MEAT设计工作室创始人、美术总监窦誉笙

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