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Meet Creative People | 遇⻅创意人士 Tin Gao


Craft and creativity continues to grow in China, none of which would be possible without the inspired and daring minds behind the ideas and production. We are asking the creative community in China five fun questions to learn a little bit more about the people behind this burgeoning industry.  Hope you enjoy! If you think you should be profiled or you know someone creative who should be profiled send an email to


Tin Gao
Textile artist and model / 纺织艺术家兼模特
Photographed by /摄影师 James Perolls

Tin Gao born in Wenzhou Zhejiang, studied knit design at the London College of Fashion. She is inspired by multicultural background and contemporary art surroundings. Using food and craft both as an art form and tools, creating a unique vision and aesthetics, Tin communicates with the world, expressing the spirit and emotions from artworks.

Tin Gao 生于浙江温州,毕业于伦敦时装学院纺织系。她受到多元文化背景和当代艺术的启发,利用食物和工艺作为一种艺术形式和工具,创造出独特的视觉和美学。并与世界交流,表达艺术作品的精神和情感。

Photographed by ANNIE COLLINGE

Tin is obsessed with food, nature, crafts, culture heritages and anthropology.

She cooks, eats, learns, plays and shares food with others.

Her experimentation with food often constructs sculptural presentation in all sorts of containers. Sometimes private, sometimes collective and sometimes fused with everything.

A container for storytelling. A container that keeps the sense of time. Containers that carry the weight of history and a bite of the recipe she made.

Containers that she makes using natural materials: artmaking is her way of communicating with nature, her small world carefully woven in a larger one.

Her work is not only about the making of the objects, but the presentation is also part of the making.

Like objects worn by the body, identity becomes physical.

Objects made from food, a spoonful of her feelings and sensitivities.

Objects that contain the soothing and caring healing power of emotion.

Objects that are delicate and gentle, yet strong and long-lasting in a tin can.

She is Tin.

“Beauty of waste” series— Pepper family

 “Beauty of waste” series— Dye materials

  “Beauty of waste” series— Sweet potatoes












1. Coolest place you’ve travelled to: 工作中去过的最有意思的地方是哪里?

Dali Village, Guizhou


2. Favorite sound 最喜欢什么声音?

Singing bowl vibrations


3. Favorite smell?最喜欢的味道?



4. Favorite children’s story? 最喜欢的儿童故事?

“Biography of a foolish cat”


5. Favorite Chinese saying? 最喜欢的一句中国谚语是?


“The dragon hiding in deep water” — meaning it’s not time for action.

“Containers” series

 “Containers” series

 “Containers” series— A Bowl for pigeon

We invite each of the creatives we profile to tag another interesting person for the series. TinGao suggested Darshan, founder of Well Space.

我们邀请创意人士来一场接力赛,每个人都要推荐另一位有意思的创意人士。 TinGao 推荐的下一个人是:Well Space创始人达生

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