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Meet a creative couple | 遇见创意人士:Nina和Darren夫妇


For Valentine’s Day we bring you a little twist on the regular Fun 5 series.  This one features not only one creative but two, and they are a happily married couple.  Happy Valentine’s Day from SHP+!

情人节之际,我们给您带来了一次非同寻常的Fun 5采访。这次,不再是一个人的故事,而是两个人的分享 – 一对快乐的夫妇。SHP+祝大家情人节快乐!

Nina & Darren

Nina Kong and Darren Crawforth are partners at work and partners in crime. Since meeting at Ogilvy Shanghai 4 years ago, the married Planner & Creative duo is building some of the world’s biggest travel and hospitality brands.

Nina Kong和Darren Crawforth既是工作上的伙伴,也是生活中的伴侣。他们四年在奥美上海相遇,现在已经缔结连理。夫妻二人从事广告策划和创意工作,很多世界知名的旅游与好客品牌都是他们的客户。

Darren shares about Nina

1. Her favorite movie. 她最喜欢的电影是




2. Her favorite food. 她最喜欢的食物是?

Noodle soup. If it features a very large bowl, soup, noodles and a drop egg, she is beyond happy.



3. Go to KTV song 唱K必点歌曲?

L’il Wayne – 6 Foot 7 Foot. The first time I saw her perform this I was spellbound, confused and a bit frightened in equal measure.

是L’il Wayne的《6 Foot 7 Foot》,第一次听她演唱,我就像被施了魔咒一样深深被吸引,同样又伴随着一种困惑和害怕。


4. Her favorite book or author. 她最喜欢的书或者作家是?

Kurt Vonnegut.



5. Her most embarrassing moment. 她最尴尬的一件事?

Having to help me find a bathroom as my innards violently convulsed about 30 minutes after we got our marriage certificate. (These 2 things are not related. I think.)



6. Her best feature. 她最大的性格优点是?

Her smile. It’s truly genuine, open, contagious, addictive.



7. Her greatest talent. 她最大的天赋?

Her ability to creatively simplify complexity. When things get chaotic or messy, she’s able to peer though the clutter, identify what really matters and present a clear path how to get there. This applies to both work and life.



8. Her weirdest habit. 她有什么怪癖?

Burping like a frog.



9. Your best memory with her 跟她在一起最美好的记忆是什么?

In the closing hours of our honeymoon, we pulled over to the side of the road and watched a perfect sunset over the Tuscan landscape. I’ve never felt so at peace with another human being.



10. A moment you’ve been most proud of her 你为她感到骄傲的时刻?

Watching her tell a deeply personal, wonderfully articulated story about a difficult time in her life to an utterly rapt audience at Unravel (a story telling event in Shanghai.)



Nina shares about Darren


1. His favorite movie. 他最喜欢的电影是?

He has many: “This is England”, “Under the Skin”, the original “Ghost in the Shell”.



2. His favorite food. 他最喜欢的食物是?

Any Japanese dish.


3. Go to KTV song. 唱K必点歌曲?

The one where he doesn’t have to go to KTV.



4. His favorite book or author. 他最喜欢的书或者作家是?

Anything written by Alan Partridge (aka Steve Coogan).

史蒂夫·库根的任何一部作品(凭借在众多电视节目中塑造的体育解说员Alan Partridge的形象而成名)。


5. His most embarrassing moment. 他最尴尬的一件事?

It happened the day we got our marriage certificate here in Shanghai. We had just left the marriage hall in a flurry of emotions and hopped into a cab to go home. Minutes after we hit the highway, Darren suddenly announces that he needs the bathroom RIGHT NOW. The driver yanks us off the highway to a public bathroom into which Darren sprints. The driver suddenly turns around in a panic and says to me, “I’ve been here before! There’s no toilet paper in this bathroom!” He then dashes into the bathroom with a box of tissues. Seconds later, I receive a text from Darren that reads, “There are 20 people in line. I’m not going to make it.” As I’m replying, I see Darren come jetting out of the public bathroom, half running and half hobbling to the JinJiang Hotel across the street. He emerges 10 minutes later looking elated and slightly sweaty.

是我们在上海领证的那天。我们刚离开民政局,都很激动,一头跳进出租车准备回家。上高架没几分钟,他就突然说要上厕所。司机只好在高架找个口停下车,他就百米冲刺跑进公共厕所。司机突然转过头来很惶恐地对我说:“我以前来过这里!里面没有卫生纸!”说完,他拿着一盒纸巾就冲进厕所。没过一会,我收到Darren的短信“前面有20个人排队,我等不及了。” 我正回复时,看到他从公共厕所跑出来,一颠一颠地向街对面的锦江之星跑去。10分钟后回来了,看起来松了一口气,还有汗珠。

So I would say his most embarrassing moment was the day we got married. Also known as the day he almost sh*t himself.



6. His best feature. 他最大的性格优点是?

One of his wedding vows to me was that he would make me laugh for the rest of my life, even if he was being extremely annoying. He’s delivered every single day.



7. His greatest talent. 他最大的天赋?

He can listen to any song and be able to play it on the guitar/ukulele, chord for chord. 他听任何一首歌曲,都能用吉他或者尤克里里演奏,每个和弦都能弹奏出来。


8. His weirdest habit. 他有什么怪癖?

He likes to clean. Like, gets-up-at-7-AM-to-clean-the-entire-apartment likes to clean. Which is great, because I am extremely untidy.

他喜欢打扫卫生。 早上7点钟起床,把整个屋子都打扫一遍,就像是整个屋子特别喜欢被打扫一样。 不错,因为我很邋遢。


9. Your best memory with him. 跟他在一起最美好的记忆是什么?

It was a few weeks after we had been on-and-off dating. I was hurting because I knew he was fearful of emotionally committing. So one evening after work, I asked him to meet me at the office wine bar so we could clear things up once and for all. I knew he was coming down to break it off. I didn’t know who would lead the conversation or how I would react. I too was fearful because I knew he could break my heart.

我们断断续续约会几个星期后,我感到很伤心,因为我知道他很害怕陷入感情里。有一天晚上下班后,我约他去办公室酒吧,想把事情彻底说清楚。我知道他会跟我说分手,我不知道谁会先开口,我会有什么样的反应。 我也很害怕,怕受伤。

But the moment I saw him, something powerful took over me. I knew, undeniably, that I was going to be with this man. The words came pouring out of my mouth; I told him there was nothing to fear, that we would be something incredible – something transformational. I had never before believed anything with so much conviction.


I still remember the look on his face and the moment it clicked for him. After that day, we became inseparable.

我现在还依然记得他脸上的表情了,幡然顿悟。 那天之后,我们谁也离不开谁了。

This is my favorite memory because it reminds me to always fearlessly pursue what I want – in this case, my pursuit brought me to my husband and happiness. 这是我最美好的记忆,总是提醒着我,要无所畏惧追求自己想要的东西 – 正是我的执着,让我找到了爱人和幸福。


10. A moment you’ve been most proud of him. 你为他感到骄傲的时刻?

When I see him discussing art and gardening with my Mom, encouraging her to explore the joy in creating beautiful things. 看到他和我妈妈一起讨论艺术和园艺,他鼓励我妈妈要去探索美好的事物,享受这份喜悦。


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