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Lickin’ Chicken Fingers



Ogilvy Hong Kong has brought new meaning to KFC’s famous ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ slogan, launching two flavours of edible nail polish to celebrate the 30th anniversary of KFC Hong Kong.



With the help of food technologists at McCormick, the creators of KFC’s famous secret flavoring, Ogilvy and KFC collaborated to concoct two types of nail polish flavoured with KFC’s all-time favorite recipes, Original and Hot & Spicy. The nail polish works like any other: consumers simply apply and dry like regular nail polish, then lick to their heart’s content. 

KFC Hong Kong have offered the public the chance to take a taste test, and are then inviting them to vote for their favourite flavour on Facebook, with the eventual winner being formally introduced to every franchise of the restaurant in Hong Kong.


配套的一分半钟MV由Mutual Workshop打造,Helen Clemens执导,两位分别涂抹了原味与香辣味指甲油的年轻人上演了一出beat box与机械舞的表演。

To support the launch, Ogilvy created a 90-second music video.  Produced by Mutual Workshop and directed by Helen Clemens, the film features electro kids beat boxing and body popping wearing the tasty nail glaze.



Though there has been widespread interest in the innovation, some netizens have questioned the hygiene of people licking their fingernails throughout the day.  The idea is not without precedent. American company Kidlick last year launched the world’s first edible nail polish. The product, released in three enticing flavours – beats, grass green and sour carrot – has proved popular with North American parents wary of giving their kids toxic nail polishes.

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