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FUN+ 系列3|Favourite Animated Character 最喜欢的动画角色3


FUN+ column continues to focus on the things inspiring China’s creative people, guest-curated by industry insiders.

In this first mini-series, Chris Colman, executive producer of Shanghai-based animation production company, Final Frontier, asks creative leaders about their favourite animated character.


在本系列的第一期,上海动画工作室Final Frontier的执行制片人Chris Colman将采访顶尖创意人士,谈起他们最喜欢的动画角色。

For me, there isn’t a particular “favorite character”.  However, judging from my toy collection – I have Transformers, Batman, Real Steel, Beast King GoLion as well as Guan Gong, Monkey King – I think I am leaning towards the Mecha genre.  As for why, I believe inside every male there is a warrior, a fully armoured, invincible, evil-defying, justice-bringing hero.


Hisashi Mitsui from Slam Dunk


His famous line: “Coach, I want to play basketball.” My entire youth is in this line. No matter how bad his injury was, no matter how much time he wasted, no matter how far away his dream drifted, as long as there was just a shred of hope, he would get back on his feet and fight to be the “winner of the national championship”. If you give up the match, then the match is over. If you never give up, the match will go on forever.


Tom and Jerry


One of the reasons could be that the famous director of its ‘second golden age’ passed away recently. As a member of the Post-1980 generation, we had limited access to cartoons; 15-20 mins cartoon time per week maximum. Tom and Jerry was the most impressive one in my childhood.


The second reason is that I grow up with the idea that cats chase rats. However, after watching Tom and Jerry, I started to wonder, maybe the world was not always like ‘cats eat rats’. I feel this was a real shock for my values.

第二个原因呢,从小的教育就是猫和老鼠。但是看了Tom and Jerry之后,我在想世界不一定是“猫吃老鼠”的样子,感觉像是对价值观的一个颠覆。

Also, another thing about Tom and Jerry is that it does not have lines, the audience can fully enjoy the story with just the image and music. This has affected my techniques. You can show Tom and Jerry to kids these days, they will still love it. It’s timeless.

另外,《Tom and Jerry》里面是没有对白和台词的,观众仅靠画面和音乐就可以完全理解故事内容,这是对我在技术方面的一个影响。相信即使给现在的小孩看,他们也会喜欢,不会因为年代久远而消失。

Finally, I would like to express my love for its music. They have used an abundant amount of classic music, when Tom plays the piano, his movements match the music perfectly. You can tell how detailed and thorough the crew were.


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