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FUN+ 系列|Favourite Animated Character 最喜欢的动画角色


We are happy to introduce FUN+, a new column focusing on the things inspiring China’s creative people, guest-curated by industry insiders.

In this first mini-series, Chris Colman, executive producer of Shanghai-based animation production company, Final Frontier, asks creative leaders about their favourite animated character. He kicked off the series by interviewing his fellow jury members at the Shanghai International Advertising Festival (SHIAF – held this week, July 21-23).


在本系列的第一期,上海动画工作室Final Frontier的执行制片人Chris Colman将采访顶尖创意人士,谈起他们最喜欢的动画角色。Chris趁着本周(7月21-23日)举办的上海国际广告节(SHIAF)的机会,SHIAF的评审团成员成为他第一期采访的创意人士。

Chris Colman
Executive Producer 监制
Final Frontier 终极先锋

Animation is a universal medium that unites us all, regardless of age, gender, language or nationality. In particular, we all have our favourite animated character. The reasons are as diverse as the characters themselves. Maybe they taught us something as kids, or made us laugh, or cry. Maybe we like their design, or admire the artistry behind their creation. Perhaps all of the above.


I am always curious to know people’s favourites. Somehow I feel the characters that resonate with us often reflect our own personalities, values and idiosyncrasies. They might even be role models of sorts.


So, serving on the jury of the Shanghai international Advertising Festival, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask the esteemed bunch of creatives alongside me about their own favourites. Which are the animated characters inspiring the minds that are shaping this city’s creative landscape?


Pink Panther 粉红豹

He’s a light-hearted figure who always brought unexpected, clumsy wisdom. He taught me that it sometimes it makes sense to be stupid.


雪人 (我最喜欢的动画是John Lewis在2012 的圣诞节广告片)

Snowman (“Snowman Love Story” (John Lewis 2012 Christmas commercial short)

The storyline was simple and romantic, but the emotions were naturally flowing throughout the entire story. Thanks to the outstanding execution, the ad takes us through an immersive journey. In film, to really touch the audience usually requires a gradual process to build up emotion and familiarize us with the character’s background. This ad is only 90 seconds long, yet we are tearing up with a simple Snowman character. This is really challenging to achieve. It tells us that great ideas and excellent execution go hand in hand.



lthough Fujiko Fujio (Doraemon creator) made Doraemon a dream cat-robot that can get you everything you want, and the main character, Nobita Nobi, could have just lived an easy life and cheated with technology every now and then. However, the manga tells us to stay true, avoid shortcuts and be a decent, hard working person. The ending was sorrowful, which is rare in children’s manga. Maybe the artist wanted to help children face the imperfect, real world


In recent years, I really like the Professor Munakata series by Yukinobu Hoshino. Professor Munakata is against the corrupted, outdated education system, he has an open and creative mind for history, his bold assumptions are really inspiring. Also, this series has a strong academic background, very educational.


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