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FUN+ 系列 2|Favourite Animated Character 最喜欢的动画角色 2


We are happy to introduce FUN+, a new column focusing on the things inspiring China’s creative people, guest-curated by industry insiders.

In this first mini-series, Chris Colman, executive producer of Shanghai-based animation production company, Final Frontier, asks creative leaders about their favourite animated character. He kicked off the series by interviewing his fellow jury members at the Shanghai International Advertising Festival (SHIAF – held this week, July 21-23).


在本系列的第一期,上海动画工作室Final Frontier的执行制片人Chris Colman将采访顶尖创意人士,谈起他们最喜欢的动画角色。Chris趁着本周(7月21-23日)举办的上海国际广告节(SHIAF)的机会,SHIAF的评审团成员成为他第一期采访的创意人士。


Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk

这个主角很有性格 不是那种传统动画中完美没有瑕疵的人,反而是他身上的各种毛病和性格让我觉得很亲切很真实,同时他以自己愚蠢的热情努力的样子很打动我。

Sakuragi is a real character, different from those perfect, flawless characters in traditional anime. His imperfections and personalities made me feel real and relatable. Also, eventhough he sometimes seemed senseless with his ‘stupid’ passion, he never gave up and I found that really touching.


Chi-bi Maruko


Because I grew up with it and the story is forever relatable, I still watch it. Every time I re-watch it, I travel back to my childhood and see this world and ‘adults’ through the eyes of a child. Like Maruko once said: “well, you have to save some face for the grow-ups”. Haha, when you are an adult, you realize it is true, we do love saving face. It is such a complicated world, but if you see the world through the eyes of children, it will be much simpler. Of course, I love Maruko’s grandpa very much too. He is like an ideal grandpa in my mind, very heartwarming, a true example for many elders.

Edgar (John Lewis’s Christmas special commercial short)

John Lewis圣诞节广告中的喷火龙 Edgar, 温馨可爱又暖心,纯真善良又煽情催泪。

The fire breathing dragon, Edgar, in John Lewis’ Christmas commercial was absolutely adorable and heartwarming, pure, innocent and got me teary eyed.

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