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CNY Gala Vs The Super Bowl!


The Chinese advertising industry used to focus so much on marketing strategy that clever ideas and creativity were often drowned in low production quality.  At times, even the most expensive airtime in the world – during the Chinese New Year Gala –  has been home to some real rippers of infamy, like the Heng Yuan Xiang spot during the 2008 Gala :

Ironically, this disastrous commercial hit the mark: it was so bad that everyone is still talking about it.



Heng Yuan Xiang: Twelve Zodiacs

Across the ocean in US, there’s a similar fiesta for advertisers— The Super Bowl.  Known as the most expensive airtime in the States, creatives (who might not even be watching the football) anticipate the yearly game for a chance to be inspired by great production and new ideas in the top ads of the year,  But of course, even here, there are exceptions.

Every year million fans across the globe will tune in to absorb the spectacular festival of football superstars, glittering celebrity performances and foot fungus medicine commercials.



Jublia: Tackle It

With the development of the Chinese advertising industry, production is gradually catching up with the international level. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen this particularly in public service announcements.

Commercials need to be powerful to jar audiences out of their respective festivities. These two emotive spots, sending very different messages, meet that brief.



2015 Chinese New Year Gala PSA: Names

Super Bowl 2015- Domestic Violence PSA

This year, The Super Bowl happens to fall on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. With some Super Bowl teasers and CCTV New Year Gala advertising already released, we are really anticipating these two consecutive advertising parties within 24 hours. What kind of surprises will they bring us this year? Check back for our favourites after the New Year.

These two tasters should get you in the mood – a tongue in cheek making of for LeTV and Liam Neeson reprising his hardman role for LG.


我们为大家准备了两则今年将会播出的广告预告片,带大家先行一步投入节日的气氛中——一则是乐视令人捧腹的“花絮”,另一则是由Liam Neeson本色出演的LG广告预告片。

LeTV Chinese New Year Behind the scene

LG’s Man From The Future Teaser

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