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Loft 201, Block 9, No. 358 Kang Ding Road, Jing An, Shanghai, China

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+86 (21) 6061 9409

Fin is a Boutique Design and VFX house with offices in Sydney and Shanghai. The Shanghai office is looking to expand its CG team with a Senior Generalist. Fin是一家从事高品质视效制作的后期公司,在上海和悉尼都设有工作室。Fin上海目前正在招聘CG部门的高级Generalist。以上两个网站分别是公司官网和脸书官网。 THE OFFICE Fin Shanghai is located in a beautifully renovated lane house in the heart of the Former French Concession area. A thriving scene of some of the best restaurants, bars and cafes in the world are at our doorstep. In just over three years, our team of 20 international artists and producers have helped grow Fin into one of the top VFX companies in Asia focusing on both TVC and Film. We work very closely with our team in Sydney, Australia who are only a few short hours ahead of us. 办公室 Fin坐落于上海市中心的法租界别墅区,几步之遥你就能领略城市的繁华,一些世界上最好的餐厅,酒吧还有咖啡厅都在这儿。 在仅仅三年时间里,20位国内外的艺术家们还有制片们助力Fin成为亚洲最好的电视广告和电影特效公司之一。我们与仅有几个小时时差的澳洲悉尼团队紧密合作。 THE ROLE We are looking for an artist highly proficient in Maya who is able to utilise a broad range of proven skills in both short and long form production. The role will require the ability to solve creative and technical problems quickly, and to liaise directly with supervisors and clients. An understanding of several 3D disciplines with expertise in one or more is a must. The role also entails some on-set supervision and the applicant would benefit greatly from experience in this field. We are constantly adapting new solutions to ongoing demands. Being enthusiastic about learning new software packages is essential along with a strong passion to proactively deliver images of a very high standard. 角色: 我们寻找的是精通Maya并能使用多种软件的人。这个角色需要能够快速解决问题,并能直接与上级和客户沟通。 掌握并了解多种三维形态,且在某一领域或多个领域有专长是必须的。这个角色还需要现场拍摄监督,这能使你受益匪浅。 为了满足需要,我们不断地做调整。这个角色除了要对积极地完成高标准的工作有激情,还要对学习软件有热情。 REQUIREMENTS: - A minimum of 5 years experience in 3D VFX for TVC and / or feature films. - Excellent communication skills. - Proven expertise in the production and integration of high quality CG assets. - Knowledge of multiple 3D packages. - Experience with full CG and live action productions. - Understanding of practical colour, cameras, lighting, geometry and motion. 要求: -在电视广告或电影3D特效行业中最少有5年经验 -极佳的沟通能力 -在制作及整合三维元素方面拥有丰富的专业知识 -掌握几种3D流体的知识 -对纯CG和现场拍摄制作有经验 -理解现实色彩,照相机,灯光,几何和动态 JOIN: If you feel you are qualified for the role and want to join a great group of people in the exciting city of Shanghai, please fill out our recruitment form here: http:// 申请: 如果你认为你适合这个岗位,并想要加入我们,请点击进入以下网站并填写表格:http://    

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  • Shanghai / 上海

    Loft 201, Block 9, No. 358 Kang Ding Road, Jing An, Shanghai, China


  • Sydney, Australia / 澳洲悉尼

    Surry Hills
    Sydney, NSW 2010

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