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Loft 201, Block 9, No. 358 Kang Ding Road, Jing An, Shanghai, China

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+86 (21) 6061 9409

Fin Design + Effects is currently looking for a varierty of artists in Shanghai.This is a great opportunity to join a distinguished team of animation and VFX artists motivated by creativity and technical innovation, producing a great variety of interesting commercial work for international brands. We are currently in production on several large campaigns.

CG Generalist (Shanghai)

What We Expect:
  • A bachelor degree and 3-5 years relevant experience
  • Fluent in Maya (and Houdini) as well as proficient experience with add- ons and extensions
  • Comparable software skills considered
  • Proven ability in one or more CG techniques, including modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, look development, or compositing
  • Fluent in Photoshop & Substance
  • High level of problem-solving or creative thinking skills
  • Experience rendering in Redshift is a plus
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Uses artistic and technical skills to work on all aspects of CG images or shots
  • Attend client meetings, with the ability to lead discussions
  • Creates high quality computer graphics within a shot using a variety of software programs, and working under the general supervision of Senior Level Artists and Generalists
  • Work to meet defined milestones within a timeline
  • Source suitable reference materials for required assets
  • Attend dailies and participate in creative problem solving
  • Participates as a team member in determining various aesthetic solutions; provides feedback to other members of the production by attending dailies on a regular basis
  • Responsible for creating original 2D and 3D content that may comprise part or all of an environment
  • Create multiple types of mattes from simple to moderately difficult and allocates detail based on the shot and feedback
  • Creates maps in 2D and sets up basic shaders for look development
  • Creates basic lighting setups in complex shaders that look convincing and render efficiently

Motion Graphic Designer (Shanghai)

What We Expect:
  • A bachelor degree and 3-4 years experience as a professional graphic designer
  • Fluent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects, Illustrator)
  • Strong understanding of branding and design
  • Being fluent in Motion Graphics, Animation, and Video production
  • Having a storytelling approach, with the ability to bring forward a creative, artistic, positive attitude
  • A team player who takes initiative, and who strives in autonomy
  • That you are able to use other off-the-shelf tools and software / plugins
  • Have an artistic background, online portfolio or motion design reel highlighting your work
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Assist the CG team in strong creative thinking by exhibiting a range of styles and techniques
  • Ability to create high quality content from a loose or constrained brief with short deadlines
  • Typeface and Interface design skills are preferable
  • Experience with Maya including modelling, texturing and animation are a plus
  • Experience with Adobe Premiere or FCP are a plus
  • Develop engaging graphics and workflows
  • Excellent communication skills with both clients and colleagues
  • Ability to multitask, prioritise and problem solve
  • Hands-on mentality that can pick up ad hoc design work and revisions on a daily basis

Senior FX Artist (Shanghai)

What We Expect:
  • A bachelor degree and 4-5 years relevant experience
  • Advanced simulation experience with either Houdini, Maya, or other software, and the ability to write expressions
  • Comparable software skills considered
  • Proven ability in one or more CG techniques, including modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, look development, or compositing
  • Exhibits excellent listening and communication skills, able to receive direction and criticism
  • Excellent presentation/communication skills in dailies/shot review by clearly and briefly outlining what has been accomplished and what next should be addressed in the shot
  • Engages in the creative process without ego, and accepts all final decisions with a positive and supportive attitude.
  • Demonstrates an excellent aesthetic eye, anticipating potential problems and using knowledge of how to use the tools to achieve the desired look
  • Demo reel required
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Assist with developing the look of a sequence and shot with the supervision team
  • Explore and recommend new FX techniques and software
  • Can set-up and wrangle heavy particle effects and crowd shots
  • Can set-up and run extremely complex effects (hairy or furry creatures)
  • Can write plug-ins, debug simulations and write set up and surface shaders and volumetric shaders with proficiency
  • Be creative and proactive in executing and assisting all shots in a sequence
  • Evaluate the department’s FX workflow and pipeline
  • Being able to pre composite in Nuke
  • Hard surface and organic modelling and animation tasks are a plus
  • Other generalist work including tracking and basic lighting / rendering would serve the department well
  • Participating in the ongoing training and development of junior 3D staff
  • Staying on the forefront of technological innovations within the VFX industry
  • Designs and creates FX animation, procedural simulation, dynamic simulation, particle and fluid systems.
  • Light complex/multiple creatures (hair and fur) and elements.


> Locations

  • Shanghai / 上海

    Loft 201, Block 9, No. 358 Kang Ding Road, Jing An, Shanghai, China


  • Sydney, Australia / 澳洲悉尼

    Surry Hills
    Sydney, NSW 2010

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